Mastery Empowerment Course

with Nicola Bosdet

Beyond the Beyond

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Nicola Bosdet

Item 1: Beyond the Beyond Mastery Empowerment Course (2.5 hours)
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Join modern mystic and healer, Nicola Bosdet for this intense, but fun mission into beyond the beyond. Some of you may remember the 1966 movie – Fantastic Voyage – where a submarine is shrunk to microscopic size, complete with nano humans and injected into a scientist in an attempt to help save his life.

Fast forward 54 years, and our mission is to take a multi-dimensional voyage through our own bodies, to find and remove a tiny chip (consciousness control program) which prevents humans from opening to the full potential of the multi-dimensional renaissance.

Our journey starts in mono lake, California and we will then make our way down the back via a series of Gaia spine points, gathering multi-dimensional wisdom, intel and insights along the way to help us to successfully complete our mission.

Our first stop-off will be Mount Adams and we will then continue to Mount Shasta, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu, whilst also visiting some less well-known locations including Cucamonga Peak (California) and the Valley de Curico and Puerto Tranquil in Chile.

Once we have gathered all the relevant information, we’ll head to the brain to find and remove the program, and will also analyse the structure of this limitation (which impacts us all at some level), and see how it was being used.

On this mission our key navigation aid will be the horizontal flow, but you will also learn how to use two other innovative multi-dimensional tools:

  • Gaia Spine Points – each of our spine points can connect to nature locations. We will be working with a series of points from North America down to the South Pole. These points act as entrances/portals, and they also interconnect with the multi-dimensions in the inner sequencing spheres.
  • Quadrants & Keys – central to integrating our own energy streams with the new frequencies is our relationship with the nature beings. This nature-based light stream, is an organic tool for navigating through the multi-dimensions. We will be using the quadrants & keys in conjunction with new earth resonance frequencies.

We won’t be on our own as my squad – – the animals, plants, trees as well as other nature beings will be there too. Two days before this mastery class, you’ll receive the full mission plan, together with additional photography/visuals.

In addition to removing this key program and learning some new multi-dimensional tools, you will also (hopefully) come away with a sense of what `purposeful Oneness` our version of sacred activism is all about – as well as the power of team work and having fun at this time.

Concludes with a Q&A.