Mastery Empowerment Course

with Shirley Irene Ponto

Christ Consciousness & Christ Healing Attunments

90 minute Audio Attunement 



Mastery Empowerment Course: Christ Consciousness & Christ Healing Attunments with Shirley Irene Ponto

90 min. Audio Attunement

with downloadable recording and PDF Manual

Join us in this attunement webinar of healing energies for Christ Consciousness and Christ Healing.  Cosmic Reiki Master Shirley Irene Ponto will individually download each participant with this Sacred Attunement, as she is assisted by Lord Jesus.

Other Attunements in this 2 hour webinar include:

  • Master Kuthumi activating the Diamond Flame. Starseed Initiation
  • Eternal Love of the Heart chakra by Master Kuthumi
  • Angelic Higher Self Activation

This is Energy Medicine in a Personal Health and Wellness System for Today’s world.


This was recorded on June 28, 2020 at 2:00 PM ET- astrologically the Ascendant is at the Angels of Love Miracles
The moon is at the Angels of Opening Hearts.
There is a Grand psychic trine which Involves occult philosophy of the rhythm of Life that has a connection to our Intellect and Angels of peace.
These frequencies are encoded in this recording for your personal alignment.