Mastery Empowerment Course

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Conscious Dying as a Technique for Ascension

Sunday, November 14, 2021

12 pm Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm GMT

bruce goldberg

Mastery Empowerment Course: Conscious Dying as a Technique for Ascension with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Sunday, November 14, 2021

12 pm Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern / 8 pm GMT

In this spiritually uplifting presentation, you will learn all about conscious dying techniques to facilitate ascension.

In this presentation Dr. Goldberg will teach all attendees:

  • The concept of conscious dying from its ancient origins to present-day applications
  • The 3 types of OBEs
  • The advantages of conscious dying
  •  Documented case histories of conscious dying
  •  How to practice conscious dying techniques to grow spiritually and to facilitate ascension

This workshop will be presented in lecture format with a question and answer session. Then the experiential session will be conducted during which Dr. Goldberg guides the entire group into hypnosis to facilitate the above-mentioned goals. Spiritual protection techniques will be provided throughout, so it’s perfectly safe.

This Live Webinar is included when you Purchase Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s Conscious Dying Program


A Six MP3 Training Program

  1. Introduction To Conscious Dying This MP3 overviews the process of conscious dying and prepares you to use the meditation and hypnosis tapes.
  2. General Meditation This MP3 guides you into a relaxing meditation and prepares you for the before and after death meditation tapes.
  3. Before Death Meditation Instructions on conscious dying techniques are given during this meditation.
  4. After Death Meditation This mediation is to be read after someone has made the transition from the physical body.
  5. Conscious Out-Of-Body Experience This hypnosis tape guides you gently out of the body and trains you in the art of conscious dying. Your return to the physical body, perfectly safe and empowered, will be most memorable.
  6. Angel Encounters  Meet your Guardian Angel with this hypnosis tape. Be prepared to experience much love and understanding concerning your karmic purpose.

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