Mastery Empowerment Course

with Zoe Davenport

Getting to Know Your Divine Self

Audio Class – 2 hours
Zoe Davenport


2 hour Activation

”Within you lives a dream, a dream of worlds that you haven’t ever seen before. These worlds bring treasures that YOU are HERE to embody & live!”

Be guided into a sacred journey to who you are, beyond the physical form. Receive a DNA Attunement, Sound Healing, Light Language Transmission, and activate information stored within your cellular memory. Meet yourself as yourself, as your true intended version.

Please eat light foods before or fast, good quality waters, loose clothing, something to sit on, yoga matt, pillow and or blanket. Journal & pen to make notes at the end. Please avoid caffeine, sugar or alcohol 24 hours before this journey.

You will also get to share your experiences after if you are guided and ask your questions live

Full access to the replay also included if you can’t make it live, it will be just as powerful!

Anything can be created through divine self-expression so journey with us on this miraculous adventure and see what awaits you, what pieces of self-expression are waiting to be unlocked and what are you needing to know right HERE, right now to do what you came here to do?

Imagine – YOU, in divine alignment, witnessing your holographic Universe through purpose, intention and divine self-expression.

YOU are the divine expressing itself – so what is the divine wanting to express through YOU?

What memories as a star seed are you missing?

What lies dormant waiting to be activated within?

The Galactic awaits your treasures!

This MEC class is bought to you by Zoe Davenport – Multi-Dimensional Channel, International Speaker & Author. Originally from the UK Zoe travels internationally and is committed to supporting others to embody their own divine self-expression.

“I am self-expression of the beyond, beyond boundaries, limitations, fears, thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs. I am the expression of the divine, joyFULL, funFULL, playFULL, loveFULL.”