Mastery Empowerment Course

with Laurie Reyon

Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield of Light

On Demand Video with Audio download – 2. 5 hours

Laurie Reyon

Mastery Empowerment Course: Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield of Light

with Laurie Reyon

On Demand Video with Audio download – 2. 5 hours

Whales Work Wonders!

What if you knew you did not have to go to battle with the Corona Virus?

What if there was a way to live peacefully now, without fear, knowing that the Corona Virus has NO POWER over you?

Experience a Personal Healing and Create a SHIELD OF LIGHT & IMMUNITY.

The Whales are the Elders of this Planet and they are our Galactic Ancestors. They are Stewards for Humanity and they have both permission from Source and the ability to disable the Corona Virus and help you Create a Shield of Light and Immunity. They are seeking to connect with you now, offering you the opportunity to receive at the highest level.

The Whales ask everyone to go within to your heart to remember your connection to the Ancient Whale Family. We are all connected, and they are truly a part of your Star Family, incarnating on the Earth eons before humanity arrived. They have the ability to assist Humanity with core level healing, and they are here offering a specific Energy Light Medicine Transformational Healing Alignment.

The Corona Virus is here, and the fear of contracting this disease has gone around the world very quickly. The Great Whales have shared with me that they would like to offer a Healing and Alignment session for everyone who is interested in creating a Shield of Light and Immunity to the Corona Virus.

Offer From The Whales

The Whales are offering a Sacred Healing and Alignment Session where they will create a Sacred Energy Field around you, placing you in a Golden Orb of Light that will function as a Shield of Light regarding the Corona Virus.

They can also heal those of you that have contracted the virus and move you into a higher vibrational place, where the virus is disabled and non- functional.

History Of Whale Healing

For those who might not know, the whales are the elders on our planet with some 300 plus million years of experience.

The Humpback whales have shared with me that they are here as stewards for humanity and always have been. They have amazing healing abilities and they sing the songs of creation.

I have been working with the Great Humpback Whales for 19 years now and have embraced the purpose and mission of the White Whales who returned to earth in March 2012. I have promised to be their voice and help actualize their healing abilities for thousands of people who have chosen to open their hearts to receive their alignments.

However, never before have we specifically worked together to disable a virus.

The Whales have shown me a process to summon them etherically. They have said they will answer the call to come to specific homes and people who ask for their help, and they will disable the virus if it is present.

They will also create a Shield of Light around the people who ask for this healing and they will create an instant immunity to the corona virus. The virus will be repelled with this harmonic and the new resonant Shield of Light. The virus will then be harmless to those who choose to upgrade their physical vehicles with the assistance of the Great Whales.

The Whales have shared that the entire healing and transformational experience can happen in about 90 minutes.

The Whales are multi-dimensional Beings that work at the quantum level.

Once they are given permission from the human, they coordinate with your Soul.

They have the ability to work with our human DNA, accessing oscillating photonic Source light for our healing alignments. The process of creating a Light Body for a human involves working with the crystalline molecule to create and encode a Zero Point energy field. Zero Point is the underlying energetic of absolute interconnected stillness. ZERO POINT is the presence of all that is, infinite and neutral. From this place you are offered a boundless state of possibility and you can step out of duality and all false realities.

Message From The Whales

“We are witnessing a pivotal time in history when one civilization is dissolving, and a new world paradigm is being birthed alive. If you sense the world as you knew it is changing, it truly is.

Beloved Ones, this time period is destined to be a reset for everyone. It is time to further awaken and expand your perceptions and belief systems. Part of this is remembering that you are not alone in this challenge, and that you have great support available to you.

We the whales join together and stand in the Zero Point field of creation where our presence ignites the quantum possibilities. We can apply this energy to help humanity materialize their visions and intentions for a new earth. We are the alchemists initiating new consciousness codes and templates for a 5D hologram. This is our gift to Gaia and to humanity. This is how we fulfill our Souls mission. We are transmitters and receivers of light, and we are in service to you.

Remember to move into your hearts and open to the flow of Solution Energy that is perfect and right for you. Our message is to offer you a merger of the Highest Light during this time of great challenge. If you choose to partner with us for your own healing and vibrational upgrade, you will receive powerful infusions of Light that will greatly assist you in facing your challenges.

The woman Laurie Reyon, will be working closely with us to offer you opportunities to join the Whales to heal your bodies, and create the Sacred Shield of Light for the Corona Virus.”

Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield of Light with Laurie Reyon Testimonials

“Dear Laurie, I awoke this morning with the awareness that you carry the primordial code in The Whale DNA for the vitality of Life to heal the distortions in the Corona Virus that is attacking the life force energy on a molecular level.. You have engaged with a miraculous power with the realms of the dimensions of light in Creation. The Whales have given you the key to unlock the DNA of vital life force energy on a molecular level. You are a Great White Whale; you are a Whale Master.  I have been guided to send you this message. I feel it will affirm many of the energies you are working with and are working through you for the manifestation of the miracle to heal the pandemic. Blessings, Judith”

“I have listened twice now to the corona healing and feel deep gratitude for the work you and Puddah do and this has deepened my awareness of my life’s path and helped free limitations to help heighten my gifts. The first time I listened I lay in a warm salty bath with my copper healing pyramid and selenite crystals within nearby. I believe this created a portal and I really felt the whales around our property in ways I haven’t experienced multidimensionality before. Several times during the meditation part I found myself curling up in a fetus position and my whole body was wracked with great sobs – but with little tears – the sobs seemed to stop in my throat. Towards the end, I realized I was a whaler from, I think, Norway in another life and I felt great shame and regret for my treatment of the whales – I sobbed for forgiveness and expressed deep sorrow for my actions. The whales sent so much love back it was hard to bear… The second time was a more gentle affair, and I listened with my husband. Thank you.  Beccy”

“It was so wonderful and powerful. Thank you! Belinda”

“I really appreciated the culmination of all your whale focus into yesterday’s healing. My body was tingling and shifting all over. Loved the cocoon of golden light from our beloveds. I hadn’t slept much the night before, with the powerful full moon, hence I was a little quiet, restful and reserved yesterday. The video at the end was splendid. I thought you looked great and sounded wonderful. Glad to see you shining so bright. Sending you golden waves of love and light. Robert”

“I listened to the Coronavirus Whale Healing & Immunity Shield video again, this time with my daughter. My daughter’s friend has recently been diagnosed with Covid 19, my daughter was nervous about contracting it since she was with her friend a couple of days before the diagnosis. After the healing video, my daughter felt a huge relief and I would like to thank you once again for the beautiful video.   Much appreciated, Manon”

“Well I was there and can attest it is all True many miracles in the Whales and Dolphins. I operate a Quantum Biofeedback device to scan the Human Energy Field. I tested before and after resistance score (immune system ) went up 20 points. Darshana”

“Wanted to thank you for the wonderful whale healing webinar today! That was my first experience with the whales. and it was profound. I could feel the energy throughout my body and the love surrounding me. I really appreciated your educational slides before the healing and the beautiful you tube videos afterward. Everything came together just perfectly, and I am very grateful! As a side note, I am a new member to Masterworks Healing this year and really enjoy the insights you share on the calls. I am learning a lot and resonate with your messages! Many blessings, Ann”

“Thanks, Laurie! My energy has been pretty pleasant today. And I feel as if that last whale (forgot name) is by my left side. I feel my job is helping others to dismiss the fear and to stay in healing mode. Blessings, Jan Sherburn”

“From the deepest part of my heart and soul, I wanted to thank you for bringing forward the enlightened energies of the white whales today for the raising of our vibrations and immune systems, and for healing and protection from the Corona virus. I cannot think of a greater Easter blessing! My experience was so powerful, and light filled! I could see the light filling, expanding, and recalibrating every cell in my body. Sira was the beautiful being who stepped forward, and I felt tears of recognition, even when you showed us her picture at the beginning. What a beautiful gift you and they shared with us all…thank you! In joy, love and gratitude, Marianna”

“I did do the whale healing yesterday. I had a deep and profound experience – those white whales all around me, the vibration was so incredible! Love, Deborah”

“Thank you so much Laurie, and the white whales. This is amazing and I am so very grateful. And thank-you so much for the replay. It’s so good to be able to repeat and its different each time. The first time live, I had a lot of pain, clearing pain I have had in my legs, hips, feet…, making space for the light…I feel…. i was very thankful for this. Today different again and such peace…I feel their presence deeply and have faith that I will “see” the whales more as I open more. Is it likely that one may be called on as though they may pick me to work with? I really love your presence Laurie. And WOW, the incredible whales of light, soooo beautiful. Love, Sue”

“During the whale healing I saw geometric designs and golden light all over my house. Swam and breached with the white whales. Rose to the sky with them. Emotional. Thanks for bring through their messages. I thank the white whales for supporting our healing. Love, Jean”

“This was a great class. Andrea and I both loved it and felt the impact of it for a couple of days afterwards.I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the huge impact you have had on my life. I have so many wonderful people in my life who came to me directly through time spent with you, Puddah, and Samuel. Thank you so much. My life is so much richer because of you. Love you, Gina”

“I want to say that the white whale healing was magnificent. There is the highest intent of Powerful goodness love healing and no agenda. I’m so grateful to have this gift of grace. Best to you and all of the Blessed souls who you facilitate. Love, Judy and Terry”

“I was on the very first whale and dolphin CORONAVIRUS healing session you did, and then the very next day after your healing session… barely 24 hours later, I saw on the news….. and this is very interesting I felt like the Universe was showing me this because I don’t watch the news on a regular basis, it’s usually accidental or someone tells me when I’m supposed to know something. But this I saw with my own eyes in the news. 24 hours after your first coronavirus healing, I saw on the news that 19 people were the first to get discharged from the state of California in the ICU who were diagnosed with Covid 19. Oh my GOD. Wow. I mean, that’s crazy!!!  I nearly fell on the floor from shock and I was going to tell you in the next class but I should have sent it in instead. I KNOW with absolute certainty — and that’s probably why the Universe showed me — that it was because the whales brought in the immunity shield and coronavirus healing. So the true miracles happening with what you are doing is probably waaayyy beyond what you might be getting in testimony from anyone, and I also think it had a significant impact on it throughout the U.S. and the world. Thank you also Laurie because if you didn’t work on this with them, we wouldn’t receive it!!!!!  Love, Irene”

Special Bonus included with MEC

Plant Music Remedy -Dolphin Joy Alchemy
Dolphin-encoded energy via Sacred Alchemy Aromatherapy Oils & Plant Music

Listen to the Energy of Dolphins via Music

This music is connected to the energy of wild dolphins in the waters of the Big Island, Hawaii during 4 days of swimming with them. An aromatherapy oil was created from a crystal charged with the energy of the dolphins and whales who joined us in this swim. The oil is Sacred Alchemy Dolfun Joy, created by Kayse Williams, each oil jar has a crystal encoded with this master crystal. When this oil was connected to the plant machine, to our surprise it began to sing! This music is the oil’s energetic signature of the plants within it, and we sense the connection to the consciousness of the dolphins and whales. The shorter songs are perfect to attune to the dolphin energy in a few short minutes. The Dancing with Dolphins song is an activation and is quite playful. This is really great for expanding consciousness and raising your vibration. Awesome to create with! And the longest song, Dolphin Joy Alchemy, has a slower pace that calms the mind and breath. This is good for allowing the dolphins to clear the days energies and lull you gently into natural silences in the music. Enjoy these songs encoded with the dolphins!

Downloadable Audio Tracks:

Dolphin Lullaby (4:45)
Hope (5:13)
Dancing with Dolphins (17:27)
Dolphin Joy Alchemy (1:29:30)
Single File of All 4 Tracks: (1:58:01)

Audio Sample: