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During this time of global crisis, we are being asked to step up in New Ways to support by creating new systems and solutions that are based in the Heart, for respect for All Life and Humanity. 
That’s where the Passion Matrix comes in.  You can create New Earth and be of service when you put your Passion Matrix into place. 
This is literally your own unique blueprint or inventory of everything that you love to do, plus all your skills and talents.  We’ll create this together in an upcoming webinar so you can see your own unique self begin to appear on paper!
Then we begin to weave the matrix that is a living entity and it will reveal how you can do what you love, be of service and create revenue streams that support you.


If you enjoyed the free webinar,  you’re invited to join Lauren Galey in the Passion Matrix Course & Coaching Labs
Our Next 6 Week Challange starts May 12!

Mastery Empowerment Course: Passion Matrix Course & Coaching Labs

with Lauren Galey

Move forward in New Earth Creations so you can live your passion, create from higher dimensional frequencies & create self-sustaining revenue streams to support the service.

  • Do you have a Healing or New Earth Service?
  • Would you like to live your passion?
  • Do you need help finding your Passion Flow?
  • Would you like to quit/change jobs?
  • Learn how to create your Passion Matrix
  • Generate ideas that you can do Today to express joy and passion
  • Cultivate streams of revenue to support you
  • Build your roadmap to New Earth Creations

 Passion Flow is the New Cashflow!

A Clarion Call of the Heart – Coronavirus Opportunity to be Guided by Higher Guidance 

A Message from Lauren Galey: 

Listen to the Clarion Call of Your Heart in this Now Moment.
This is really about a moment in No Time & sitting with yourself. Being Present. If our regular world of busy-ness has been disrupted due to you know what, and many are finding themselves “stuck” at home with family or alone, then the present moment of Now is more present than ever.

Are we going to “kill” or “waste” time, (watching television or surfin the net) or are we able to hear the call of Heart?

Hearing the Call of the Heart is that still small voice within you. It is quieter than the ego, and it lovingly guides you in all ways if you are able to hear it, trust it and act upon it’s will. This is the will of your Higher Self.

What are some tools to help you tap into your higher self guidance?
Nature Time
Doing Anything You Love
Personal Hypnosis Theta Sessions or other sessions with healers

New Earth is to be created from our Passions. Do not waste any of your precious energy to anything of the old structures that are collapsing. Don’t blame or give away your power to any outside force.

This is Sovereignty coming into each one’s awareness and role. Can you step up to the Call of Your Heart, in Service to others, without being asked? This is the fuel, this is the motivation, that drives your next move. It is a fiery energy. It is a get ‘er done energy. Yet it comes with a zero point clarity of knowing exactly what to do and how to make things happen.

The next important step, that many faulter on, is getting into action. Taking Action. Divine Action. Moving into action because of your own inner guidance system nudging you forward with the ideas that you receive spontaneously, out of the blue, in nonsensical-to-the-ego ways. It’s absolutely the opposite or crazy, zany, wild ideas that could be so hilarious they are mistaken for silliness and no action is taken. Write these ideas down. Yes, this is your Sacred Wisdom, your Higher Self trying to communicate with you, in ways that outwit the ego. Thus, is our journey in the lessons of love.

Can you take action in your now moment of putting all your skills and talents to work, or at least, calling upon the ones to be used in this Now moment? What skills do you have right now, that you know like the back of your hand, you know so well you do it effortlessly and efficiently and lose track of time because you are deeply immersed and focused on the project?

You begin by doing what you Love.
In times of crisis, some skills may come to the forefront over your passions, but you still do what you love, without the need to “do it for the money.”

We are not creating services based on how much money we can make on the service, product, etc. Rather, we are stepping up and offering a service, a product, an idea, a solution, based on the needs of our community.

In our own community, as schools closed due to the coronavirus, my husband and I knew clearly what we could offer. In an instant, we sourced instant non-contact thermometer readers and shipped them in, so that when the doors to school opened again, people feel protected and more at ease. My husband’s passion is international trade, he’s fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and he knows how to get things done. When he and I put our skills together, within a 2 days, we were getting these devices at our local schools. It flowed as we listened to higher self guidance, while kicking aside the “blows” from the ego that came up to try to sabotage us. (example: seeing other people doing the same thing can make you feel like you’re not needed. This is not true! Turn it around and see the potential that you have with your own unique skills!)

That’s a short story on how you, too, can listen to your inner guidance and take steps to bring forth New Ideas, Solutions, New Ways of doing things as we literally create the new paradigm.

Human (& All Life) Diplomacy

As we build New Earth by expressing our passions, doing that which we love, while using all of our skills and talents and listening to the inner guidance, our world will be shaped into all things created from love. The old paradigm that is collapsing contains systems and structures that were not created out of love, they were created out of greed, which is an aspect of Fear. As we create from Love, not fear, this means that almost everything, every system, every way of doing business, is up for grabs. Up for grabs to be created from Love. That’s where Human diplomacy comes in. Everything that does not have the well-being of humans and all life, (including animals, the plant, marine, crystal kingdoms and Gaia herself) at the forefront, can be created – this opens the door to so much, including every sector, health, education, finance, you name it.

So how are you going to tap into your own Guidance and Create your service and step into your Life Mission?

I’ll show you how I did it. And show you how you can do it too. It works. It’s real. And it’s magnificent.

I call it the Passion Matrix. I used it in my own life, as my guide. It’s a Living Entitiy that is a Map of You, Your Passion, Joy, Skills and talents from this lifetime and other lifetimes.

The Passion Matrix is totally unique to you. Even if you’re sitting next to 10 other yoga teachers, or telesummit hosts, or whoever your quote- competition is. There is no competition truly because we are each unique and no one can do what you do when you utilize your passion and creativity.

Join me on Friday at 12pm Pacific for this  Free Webinar on how you can create your Passion Matrix.  Gaia Thanks You, and I thank you. 

About Lauren Galey

Lauren Ellis Galey is a former television and radio news anchor & reporter now on a mission to assist in the expansion of consciousness and realization of New Earth.  After departing from the 3D matrix profession of mainstream media news, she ventured out on her own to use the power of media in an effective and beneficial way.  She has been interviewing interviewing teachers in consciousness and spirituality for the past 12 years.  

A Message from Lauren Galey

Hello my New Earth Co-creators!  In my own personal journey of creating a service that brings out my heart-felt passion, I discovered I have a knack at creativity for New Earth services, systems and products, and helping others find creative expressions of passion while using all the talents and skills one has gained on this journey and all incarnations.

As we move from the old 3D old Earth structures, systems and paradigms, and step into the higher frequencies of the 5th Dimension and Unity Consciousness, we will use these energies or state of consciousness to create with.

I will show you my technique that I used to allow my passion to take priority in my life, creating a self-sustainable income , while serving others. If this is your mission too, then this technique will assist you here and now.

We’ll take a meditative journey into our Sacred Heart Temple,  where we’ll review and explores skills and talents of this lifetime along with past and future lives.

We’ll add this to our Passion Matrix and begin to weave an action plan fueled by your passion.

Join me to jump-start your New Earth Creations!