Mastery Empowerment Course

with Shirley Irene Ponto

Dolphin Healing Reiki Trilogy

3 Sessions of Mediations & Attunements  

Audio Downloads

Includes  PDF Manual & Certification



Mastery Empowerment Course:  Dolphin  Reiki Trilogy: Dolphin Healing Reiki, Orca Empowerment Reiki & Dolphin Crystal Reiki

3 Sessions of Meditations & Attunements  

Audio Downloads

Includes  PDF Manual

Dolphin Trilogy Reiki is an evolvement of Dolphin Reiki, which was originally founded by Mark Scott. This system takes what we learned from Dolphin Reiki and Dolphin Crystal Reiki. This system came into being from Shanti Johnson (founder of Dolphin Crystal Reiki and Dolphin Healing Reiki) and Rev. Sheryl (Rain) Carter (Founder of Orca Empowerment Reiki) through many meditations and close work with the Dolphin/Orca realm.

Reiki Master Shirley Irene Ponto is trained to provide attunements to all webinar participants live or via recording in Dolphin Healing Reiki, Orca Empowerment Reiki and Dolphin Crystal Reiki. This also includes 3 PDF manuals in the Dolphin Trilogy. Dolphin Trilogy Reiki is based on a 3-part Healing System. It starts out with the Breathing, Meditation, Attunement or Healing.

Join us for these session live or via the recordings which will be empowered with meditations and attunements.

Session 1:  Dolphin Healing Reiki 

Learn Dolphin Healing Reiki Breathing to center oneself and connect with the dolphins. This enhances our receiving and utilizing life energy in profoundly beneficial ways.  Recommended practice length is usually 5 – 10 minutes.   Enjoy a meditation to open the Central Channel or Column of Light and with intention, we will practice dolphin Healing Reiki Breathing as  a way to expand this column, ground more deeply in Earth and all that is, and circulate Life Energy throughout our physical and subtle energy bodies.     This assists us in experiencing greater vitality; opening blocked or congested energy pathways, transforming suppressed unbeneficial patterns from cellular memory, reprogram our cells in beneficial ways and supports our experience of being centered.

This Breathing practice will prepare us for the Dolphin Healing Reiki Meditation & Attunement with 2 Dolphin Healing Reiki Symbols: Wave Ride and Dolphin Unity.

The course manual provided includes instructions on how to offer a Dolphin Healing Reiki Session to clients.

Session 2: Orca Empowerment Reiki

Both Orcas and dolphins are members of the Dolphin Family Delphinidae. Orcas are the largest members.  The Orca Empowerment Reiki information as presented here, was channeled by Rain Carter from the Gold Orcas during a meditation session and attunement to Dolphin Crystal Reiki.

In this session, you will learn 2 Orca Empowerment Symbols,  Orca Breathing,  Orca Vision quest, Orca Healing Meditation and Orca Love Empowerment attunement.   The manual that is provided will show you also how to do distant healing with Orca Empowerment Reiki.

The Orca Empowerment Reiki Symbol is the Orca. This is a sign of true power, strength, and endurance to the end. The Orca represents a bittersweet triumphs of pure energy, sheer force and union of one with nature. It is thought to align the heavens and earth.

Session 3: Dolphin Crystal  Reiki

Why are dolphins and crystals connected?

Crystals and gemstones are nature’s medicine cabinet, since all stones have some sort of healing ability, whether mind, body or soul healing.

Crystals and gemstones come from the core of the earth and are gifts to mankind. In ancient Atlantis, crystals and gemstones were the cornerstone of their world, and healing, whether body, mind or soul was done thru crystals and gemstones.  In Atlantis, crystals and gemstones were used to attune and heal the chakras. Instead of going to a doctor as we do in today’s society, the Atlanteans would have a healer or shaman, use crystals and gemstones with certain healing qualities and lay them upon the chakras, while focusing energy at the location the hands were place upon. Their advanced knowledge on crystals and gemstones have been lost since the ending of their civilization, but, we are now finding information about Atlantis hidden in crystals and gemstones, and we are geing given the knowledge that was once forgotten.

Along with this knowledge is also a responsibility to use the power of the gemstones and crystals for the highest good of humankind. Most gemstones and crystals will come to you, and you will find that they resonate a certain familiarity or event love toward you. You may also feel this way to the crystals you are drawn to.  If you use your left hand, and gently just float your hand over the crystal, you may find that you pick up energy, vibrations, warmth, cold or other sensations that create attraction, indifference or dislike.

Dolphins are the true light workers of our world and carry the light to this world. They have three frontal lobes, man has only two. They are the most evolved species on this earthly plane and are here to show us the way, if we are willing to learn. They are here to heal, watch over and protect us, if we let them.  They are also here to guide us on our journey back home, back to self. They love humankind in a most incredible and life-changing way. You do not have to be in their presence to become whole or healed. All that is necessary is an open hear and willingness.  Let the dolphins guide you in great transformation that is taking place on earth.

In this session, we will get in tune to Dolphin Crystal Reiki with a number of healing symbols which will assist us in connection with not only dolphins on earth, but also celestial dolphins who exist outside of our dimension and who have come at this point in time to expand our connection and unite body, mind and soul.  We will experience the Dolphin Crystal Breathing Technique, a Dolphin Crystal Reiki Meditation and attunement.

The Meditation and attunement in this session can be used again as a healing system  to enter into truths and awarenesses on a higher vibrational level that will take you to the celestial dolphins and gift you with energies, thoughts and downloads necessary for your expansion and growth.

The Dolphin Crystal Healing Reiki PDF manual included with this course includes Dolphin Crystal Grid Outline and how to use Blue Flourite and Lemurian Seed Crystals to empower your grid.  It also offers instructions on how to make a Dolphin Crystal Reiki Box. You will learn how to use other Dolphin Crystal Reiki Symbols to activate your home, sending healing energies thru.