Mastery Empowerment Course

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Dream Therapy

2 Hours – Video & Audio Download

bruce goldberg

Mastery Empowerment Course: Dream Therapy

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Video & Audio Download

  • Learn what dream world is really like.
  • Hear about a culture that lives by their dreams.
  • Learn dreaming techniques that will improve your creativity, relax your mind, increase your brain power and heal yourself.
  • Master lucid dreaming techniques.
  • Improve your sex life by establishing a relationship with a dream lover.
  • See into the future with your dreams.
  • Learn how to custom design your destiny through your dreams.

This workshop will be presented in a lecture format with a  question and answer session.

Plus an experiential session where  Dr. Goldberg guides the entire group into hypnosis to facilitate the above-mentioned goals. Spiritual protection techniques will be throughout this presentation, so it is perfectly safe

This Live Webinar is included when you Purchase Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s Dream TherapyTraining Program:


    A Six MP3 Training Program

    1. Insomnia – Remove sleep disturbances and regularly obtain a night of quality rest.
    2. Superconscious Mind Tap – By accessing your higher self, you are trained to raise your soul’s energy to improve the quality of your various future paths, as well as your present one.
    3. Dream Control – Obtain information from your nightly dreams.
    4. Improve Creativity – Turn your creative projects, from writing to music and artistic pursuits, into a successful reality.
    5. Dream Power – Use your nightly REM cycle to solve problems and empower yourself.
    6. Lucid Dreaming – Learn how to become conscious in the dream space

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