Mastery Empowerment Course

with Aurora

Flying Rainbow Lasagna Weekend Intensive with Aurora

8 Hours

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Mastery Empowerment Course:

Flying Rainbow Lasagna Weekend Intensive with Aurora

8 Hours


“You are invited on a mental journey towards multi-dimensionality that will end with the eventual reconfiguration of your DNA.

The concept of The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (FRL) is the key to transforming from an ordinarily toroidal time structure into a truly multidimensional Full Spectrum Human.

It is a way to dance one’s DNA in new patterns, and allows for new combinations of possibilities on a purely energetic level, making it possible to access higher psychic faculties and become a virtuoso of time.

In order to understand The FRL, it is first necessary to understand the higher dimensional language of harmonic vibration.”

It is this language of vibration that the weekend intensive will be all about!

Condensing the information that is usually presented in the first 8 weeks of the 18 week-long semester into two six hour sessions, the weekend intensive teaches:

  • the basic ROYGBIV colors and their corresponding layers of reality
  • the color proportions, or specific harmonic patterns that the circles must exhibit (and that is the first drawing assignment, so students will need to be prepared with colored pencils and a compass)
  • how the colors and their proportions relate to the sun as an emanator of light/consciousness
  • how to build the dimensions, starting with the 0th dimension and moving through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and then into the dimensions that represent time and the higher dimensions (this is all done through diagrams)
  • describing our DNA as a dancing antenna that connects us to time, and how transforming out DNA transforms events in time
  • understanding the Flying Rainbow Lasagne shape as being the “higher dimensional form” of the torus or chakra shape and how that shape relates to the dna helix
  • ”how to” do the FRL dance
  • includes teaching about the Merkaba and sungazing as preparation for FRL dance

The weekend intensive is structured into two 3 hour presentations, with a break in between, and during the break there’s a homework drawing assignment. Then an overnight break, during which there is another drawing assignment. Then reassemble for class the next day, with two 3-hour presentations separated by a 1.5 hour break.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: All times below are PT:

10am-11:30am  Introduction and the basics of ROYGBIV and the corresponding layers of reality

1/2 hour break

12pm-1:30 pm Color Proportions, Harmonic Patterns, Connection to Sunlight and the Stellar Network

1:30pm-3pm  Lunch Break, work on first drawing assignment

3pm-4:30pm How to build the dimensions, starting with the 0th and going through the 10th; explanation of The Singularity

1/2 hour break

5pm-6:30pm How to build the basic chakra shape from The Singularity to torus; How energy flows around the time vortex

Overnight drawing homework assignment

Sunday September 15

10am-11:30am Basics of DNA as a dancing object connected to time; supercoiling

1/2 hour break

12pm-1:30pm Understanding of the FRL shape as a “higher dimensional form” of the torus; Sungazing and Merkaba as prerequisites for FRL

1:30pm-3pm Lunch Break, 3rd drawing assignment

3pm-4:30 pm What exactly is the FRL dance, how to do it, brief demonstration of my technique (with the understanding that this will be explored in greater detail as the online class semester continues)

1/2 hour break

5pm-6:30pm Conclusion

RECORDINGs of the events will be available after the event.