Mastery Empowerment Course

with Vandana Atara Aura

Galactic Healing Certification

Certification Course – includes a LIVE Group Call


Vandana Atara

Galactic Healing Certification

includes a LIVE Group Call


Greetings Galactic, Empathic & Telepathic Traveler,

Let me be your galactic guide to show you how to safely soul travel to receive physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual healing from Dr Lorphan, The Arcturian Medical Assistants, Divine Doulas & Angels Of Surgery In Healing Hospitals, Treatment Centers, Holy Hunas & Cosmic Womb Re-Birthing Rooms In The Great White Lodge Of Shambhalla where human doubt, dense dis-ease & toxic fear do not exist.

In this practical, alchemical & magical healing program, you will be bathed, blessed & baptized by star doctors & benevolent ETs to see, feel, know & sense your true identify, soul purpose & crystal clear energy that exist in your soul records, akashic realms & birth star.

You’ve waited for far too long to finally let go of suppressed stress that slow you down, keeps you stuck & enslaves you in a brain & body that doesn’t serve or support you on this planet.

I’m excited to guide, empower you & inspire you with alchemical tools, body processes, somatic exercises & transformational techniques to purify & detoxify you from old paradigm programming that poisoned & polluted your thoughts, beliefs & emotions in your human lives, earth based realities & alternate galaxies so you can return to your soul home & be free of drama, trauma & intensity.

Teleport With Me To Become Crystal Clear On Why You’re Here & What Your Soul Role In The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Room Where You Can Expand Into Higher States Of Joy, Space & Grace & Never Feel Alone In The Arms Of Cosmic Mother, Your Galactic God Parents & Your Star Tribes Who Over-See & Over-Light You On Your Journey Home To The Source Of Love!

I’m honored & excited to show you how to open & awaken your 3rd, 4th & 5th multi-dimensional spirit eyes to help you see, sense & identify where you absorbed & internalized other peoples energies that genetically, generationally & gestationally shaped & informed your self-image, self-confidence & self esteem from your family soul & ancestral bloodlines.

Meet your Soul Assigned Divine Doulas, Cosmic Caregivers & Galactic Guardians to calm & comfort your hiding child, validate your soul voice & re-parent your little one to feel safe, seen & supported & retrieve your soul light, youthful vitality & life force energy as you re-birth your highest self & christed I AM PRESENCE in all lived upon timelines & agreed on lifetimes where your multiple souls still exist upon.

Over the course of this 6 week accelerated light galactic doctoring journey, you will have full access to medical Reiki processes, accelerated light cosmic codes & ancestral ritual practices to unlock frozen energy blocks, melt miasmic knots & reclaim your right to thrive in perfect health, wealth & well-being as your own doctor, guru, guide & multi-dimensional master healer.

Drop Into The Zoom Womb Re-Birthing Room, Lean In & Let Go Of Human Doubt & Disbelief To Receive Higher Healing Frequencies From Your Own Divine Healing Intervention Team!

Becoming Aware Of Your Hidden Gifts In Your Dormant DNA Can Be Fun, Rewarding & Phenomenal !!!

Access Each Weeks Calls On Your Phone Or Computer Wherever You Are In The World.

This package includes:

    •  2 Hour Accelerated Light Galactic Healing Practitioner Class Instruction
    • 43 Page Printable PDF Manual To Practice Healing Techniques On Yourself & Others
    • 6 Downloadable Galactivation Transmissions To Watch Or Listen To (Including Arcturian Healing Mandalas, Mantras & Crystal Geometries)
    • 3 Q & A Replays To Vibrationally Support You
    • 6 Sacred Soul Journeys To Integrate & Assimilate Advanced Arcturian Light Technologies
    • Unlimited Email Support To Empower Your New Earth Ascension Process
  • Private Pop-Up Facebook Community Group For Members Only

MODULE #1: Soul Scanning & Divine Diagnostics To Dissolve Fear, Fight & Flight Implants

In module # 1, you will experience a divine density detox session to unlock & unpack stored & absorbed womb wounding, birth trauma & empathic trauma from your original & primordial first 8 cells of creation. Meet Your Divine Healing Intervention Team, Spirit Surgeons & Star Shamans from Star Sirius & Planet Arcturus to help you rest & digest lifetimes of suppressed stress, shock & trauma held in your cells, muscle memory & emotional burden centers.

MODULE #2: Clearing Your Physical Chakras Of 3D Density, Debris & Dis-empowerment Vows

In module # 2, you will learn how to cleanse & clear your energy centers of empathic pain, miasmic patterns and false identities that won’t allow you to heal, nurture & care for your divine body vessel. Climb into your holy healing pod & be attuned to the higher vibrations & sensations in higher dimensional healing hospitals where you will learn how to invite & invoke in Dr Lorphan & the Arcturian Assistants to remove core fear & be blessed, bathed & baptized with star medicine, laser light & spirit surgery.

MODULE #3: Soul Body Integration To Retrieve & Merge With Your Christed Cosmic Child

In module # 3,you will meet holy hunas to finally inner-stand, forgive & make peace with the timelines where you lost or gave away your powers so you can re-claim your confidence, courage & clarity as a galactic Godparent of your divine body temple. You will be attuned to your divine healing intervention team, doctors of high magic & angels of surgery to re-structure, re-calibrate & re-set your brain, spine, gut & nervous systems.

MODULE #4: Releasing, Healing & Resolving Toxic Shame & Lower Vibrational Body Pain

In module #4, you will learn the ancient art of magical yet practical alchemy to remove core fear, raise your vibration & shape shift into your greatest gifts & highest soul self . You will experience somatic healing to return to your own body, feel to heal & trust you are divinely guided, directed & protected by your benevolent & kind ET Family. You will experience cosmic healing energy medicine from Dr Lorphan, Dr Kahn & Dr Fritz as well as spirit surgeons, timeline transformers & your emergency ET medical team in higher realms, golden galaxies & healing realities.

MODULE #5 - Re-Birthing With Divine Doulas, Midwives In The Womb Of Cosmic Mother

In module #5, you will meet your Timeline Transformers & Galactic Alchemists to help you envision, dream & design the way you would like your light body to look & feel. Manifest your own multi-dimensional lotus healing-pod to be re-birthed in the higher realms where infinite possibilities & potentialities are possible. In this etheric healing attunement activation, you will be blessed with your own energies, healing remedies & soul supplements to hold, absorb & store 100% pure light so you won’t merely survive but actually be able to thrive in your ascending light body.

MODULE #6 - Healing & Sealing Energy Leakages, Soul Loss & After Affects Of Earth Stress

In module # 6, you will meet & be attuned by your over-lighting acupuncturists & learn the art of of etheric acupuncture & acupressure to easily & effortlessly unlock energy blocks, heal & seal wound imprints & restore your soul essence from the place & space of sovereignty, integrity & authenticity. Learn how to charge & program needless needles on your own etheric body as well as others energetic bodies to heal unresolved stress, struggle & imbalanced emotional energy.

Remember on a soul level, the way you think, feel & treat your body didn’t start with you but with your galactic ancestors, star elders & the forgotten ones from the galactic sun, the inner earth & your ancestral soul home.

99.999% of your human beliefs are learned, mirrored & inter-generationally inherited, projected & passed on to your born or unborn descendants but the good news is that as a divine human & embodied spirit, you are contracted, directed & protected with free will & conscious choice to be:

  • Untouched By Inter-Generational Pain, Family Fear & Shadow Shame
  • Unburdened From Old Earth Heaviness, Density & Disempowerment
  • Empowered & Inspired To Help, Heal & Improve Your Health & Well-Being
  • Happy, Holy & Healthy As The Bright Star You Inherently Are
  • Free Of Toxic Energy, False Identities & Inherited Insecurities
  • Your Own Bodies Spirit Guide, Guardian & Caretaker

When Core Fear Programs Are No Longer Part Of Your Every Day Reality, You Can Live In Peace, Fall In Love & Flow With Grace As Your Natural State Of Wholeness, Holy-Ness & Well-Being.

Although You Have Human DNA, You Also Are Composed Of Divine DNA & Can Easily & Effortlessly Connect With Your Siddhi Powers, Cosmic Clairvoyance & Avatar Abilities In Off Planet Ashrams, Soul Sanctuaries & Mystery Schools To Reveal Concealed Knowledge, Light Codes & Crystal Geometries Long Forgotten From The Stars.

The Field Of Epigenetics Shows Us That Your Divine DNA Contains Your Bloodlines Blessings:

  • Creativity & Spirituality
  • Special Gifts & Magical Abilities
  • Strengths & Resiliency
  • Resourcefulness & Adaptability
  • Survival Skill Set
  • Flexibility & Fluidity
  • Empathy, Creativity & Sensitivity

Your Divine Dream Team & Soul Specialists Know You, Love You & Watch Over You From The Inner Planes & Subtle Realms Of Medical Mastery, Miraculous Healing & Accelerated Soul Recovery.

Learn How & Practice Being A Cosmic Witness, Watcher & Observer From A Higher Perspective To:

  • Detach From Frozen Fear, Stress & Toxic Shame From Your Cells, Bones & Muscle Memories
  • Own Your Hidden Psychic Gifts & Spot On Telepathy To Navigate Your Changing Reality
  • Become A Conscious & Clear Channel & Medium For Divine Intervention & Soul Protection
  • Re-Mother & Re-Father Your Christed Magical Childs Special Gifts & Suppressed Sensitivities
  • Practice Daily Radical Forgiveness To Make Peace Your Child & Adult Soul Selves
  • Re-establish Safe & Healthy Boundaries At Work, At Home & In Your Community
  • Re-set your bodies, field & frequency to expand into flow, space & grace

You Will Receive 6 Galactic Healing Attunements Which Include:

  • How To Telepathically Transmit Etheric Acupuncture & Energetic Acupressure Treatments
  • Cosmic Clearings, Creations & Re-Sets For Mind/Body Toxicity To Align With Star Energy
  • Detoxification & Purification Of Negative Energies, Etheric Implants & Astral Entities
  • How To Charge & Program Divine Healing Instruments With Laser Light & Cosmic Frequencies
  • How To See, Feel, Hear & Recognize The Energy & Frequency Of Dr Lorphan & Christed Galactic Physicians
  • Quantum Healing Rituals To Clear Your Home Or Work Space With Arcturian Healing Technologies
  • Core Fear Removal & Core Love Infusion Integration To Release Others Energies & Embody Your Soul Sovereignty
  • Divine Visitations & Angelic Intervention From The Angels Of Surgery & Wound Recovery
  • Dissolve Masks, Armor & Heart Walls With Laser Light Technicians & Divine Diagnosticians
  • How To Create Your Own Holy Water With Medical Reiki & Galactic Healing Rituals
  • Step By Step Soul Empowerment Processes & Protocols To Transmit Star Energy & Miraculous Medicine Through Your Eyes, Heart & Healing Hands

Option 2: Add a Divine Doctoring Bonus Package, includes Option 1