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Arcturian Dream and Sleep Yoga in Important Times

Join Lauren Galey and Gene Ang in an in-depth discussion how you can use the time of the night to do world service, develop your subtle body system, change your destiny, and become awakened.
In this class, we will cover the basics of dream and sleep yoga so that you can use the practices of the night to accelerate your development in consciousness.
Also, we will discuss how you can use the night time to work with other Higher Spiritual Beings, such as the Arcturians, to do world service work particularly during this time of intense need both on the inner and outer planes.
In summary we will cover:
1) Which energy centers to use to develop lucid dreaming and lucid sleeping
2) The implications to your spiritual development and destiny when mastering these practices
3) How to use your sleep time to do world service with Higher Spiritual Beings such as the Arcturians