Mastery Empowerment Course

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Healing Through Visual Imagery

Sunday, April 10, 2022

12 pm Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern / 7 pm GMT

bruce goldberg

Mastery Empowerment Course: Healing Through Visual Imagery with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Sunday, April 10 2022

12 pm Pacific / 1 pm Mountain / 2 pm Central / 3 pm Eastern / 7 pm GMT

In this spiritually uplifting presentation, you will learn how to do soul healing through visual imagery.

In this presentation Dr. Goldberg will teach all attendees:

  • What types of healing can be done through visual imagery
  • The 3 types of imagery
  • Examples of healing imageries
  • The mechanisms of visual imagery
  • Famous people who used visual imagery to attain goals

This workshop will be presented in lecture format with a question and answer session. Then the experiential session will be conducted during which Dr. Goldberg guides the entire group into hypnosis to facilitate the above goals.

Spiritual protection techniques will be provided throughout this presentation, so it’s perfectly safe.

This Live Webinar is included when you Purchase Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s:


  1. Introduction To The “NEW YOU” technique – Dr Goldberg overviews this exciting field and instructs you how to use the other MP3s to take charge of your life.
  2. Overcome Procrastination – Remove, once and for all, the most important block to your personal and professional fulfillment.
  3. Attracting Success – Learn how to create abundance and bring various forms of material rewards into your life.
  4. Superconscious Mind – By accessing your higher self, you are trained to raise your soul’s energy to improve the quality of your various future paths, as well as your present one.
  5. Custom Design Your Own Destiny – This tape trains you to lay out an empowered and highly desirable future.
  6. Select Your Ideal Future – Through hypnotic age progression, Dr Goldberg guides you into your five future paths and allows you to choose your ideal future. You are the programmed to “switch tracks” and make this ideal future your new reality.


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