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How Listening will Increase Your Intuition

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Jane Dance

How Listening will Increase Your Intuition

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Intuition is an instinct that we all have. It’s that fleeting feeling you get when you know or feel that something just isn’t quite right. It may come in as a warning or a sporadic sensation only to leave just as quickly as it came.  Many of us want to capture these moments to savour them, to sit within, to experience the deliciousness of them.  But how do we build or increase that intuition to tell us more than what is right or wrong?

Like the muscles of our bodies that produce force and motion, intuition is the spiritual muscle within our body. To build stronger muscles, we must feed our bodies with nutrients, workout regularly and trust that our muscles will become stronger. Intuition has the same practice; It requires a dedication for growth, a healthy mindset, trust and patience.

This webinar will help you to:

  • Discover your internal receiving station.
  • Eliminate the noise within you to access a calm mind.
  • Raise your vibration to receive incoming messages.
  • Learn a fun technique to remove doubt.
  • Tune into the energy fields around you.

Trust the messages that you receive.

“Talk about seriously gifted!

Jane picked up hard facts and outcomes I never disclosed to her. Her abilities are multi-layered and she zeroes into the mundane as well as the higher spiritual influences and information. No guesswork and vague information here. Real facts and sharp insights.
I have read with sensitives and psychics from many places, including the world famous Hans Christian King and Jane ranks up there with him.  Sensitives of this caliber are hard to find and usually charge very high fees for their services. I feel fortunate to connect with her. Anyone wanting to interact with a really gifted psychic should read with her. You will see what I mean. “

Carol Ann Wilhite,
Ontario, Canada 


 “The Reading given to me by the lovely Jane was stimulating, exciting, synchronous, revealing, fascinating, focusing, enlightening, uplifting and a sheer Joy !
Jane had clearly spent a long time, prior to the Reading, asking her Guides for information and writing out copious notes in preparation, and I felt, strongly, that she had gone to great lengths in ensuring that I received the best possible value from my experience.
A truly memorable and valuable experience it was, too !
I hereby recommend anyone reading this testimonial to book a Session with Jane without any hesitation !
You will NOT be other than delighted with the result.

Jane is energetic, honest, kind, a delight to be with, and in fact just fabulous, and, quite simply, hugely gifted. No mistake !”

Pauli Murphy
Wales, United Kingdom


 “Over the last 30 years, I have had readings by those considered to be the best and most renowned readers/healers in the world.  In fact, in 2012, I had a radio show where I interviewed over 150 energy workers and a pre-requisite was that I first experience their work!
Jane is really one of the best of the best.  I was truly blown away by the clarity, accuracy and usefulness of her reading…and she throws in a powerful healing to boot!  I am recommending Jane to all my friends and clients.  She is amazing!” 

Debra Poneman,
Chicago, Illinois, USA


“Jane’s gifts offer us the wisdom and awareness from our personal guides and angels who remind us that we are cherished, loved and supported in our journey in life.  
I recommend her as she is able to assist in bringing healing information and guidance for our spiritual awakening, finding our true purpose and helping us through life’s adversities. “

Tarra Judson Stariell, LMFT
California, USA


“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for seeing me today.  Although somewhat skeptic, I truly believe you have a gift. Albeit a gift I don’t truly understand – a gift nonetheless. There is no possible way you could have known some of the things you shared with me today unless that information came from outside of yourself. I suppose someone who was very skeptical would say that you are merely someone who is very observant of others – but how could you have possibly known some of the obstacles I’ve had to overcome. No – you have a gift. A gift that should be shared with others.

Keep following your passion and you’ll never work another day in your life. Be the Buffalo and walk into the storm. So very cool to know someone with such a beautiful soul as you have…”

Kevin McPherson,
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada