Mastery Empowerment Course

with Lauren Galey

How to Find Your Authentic Voice - The Tone of your Heart

Live on Zoom
Saturday Aug 29
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT
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How to Find Your Authentic Voice – The Tone of your Heart with Lauren Galey

Live on Zoom
Saturday Aug 29
11am PT / 12pm MT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT

In this live video workshop, you’ll learn how you can speak your authentic, heart-centered voice and find your Heart Tone.

 The voice of the Heart is the Voice of Love.

You’ll learn techniques to finding & expressing/speaking your Authentic Voice from the heart –  with love, compassion, strength, confidence and grace. This is a course for all New Earth Leaders!    In this online workshop, you’ll get personal assistance with your voice, speaking with love, and noticing how people respond to you differently when you speak with your Heart Tone.

In this 2-plus hour course,  you’ll learn how to: 

  • Find the resonance of your heart voice that you can use to speak to your family, loved ones, community or on a public platform
  • Use Toning & Chanting to open to your heart voice
  • Speak with Love, Compassion, Understanding
  • Identify where you are speaking from in your “normal” or current speaking voice
  • Shift your voice into your Heart center

Once you find the voice of your heart, you’ll have tremendous, impact on your words and the way you express yourself in love & compassion, with confidence, strength & grace.

Includes a Bonus Meditation Package: 

  1. Hear & Feel the voice of your Higher Self – mixed with plant music with frequencies that support this intention.
  2. Toning Exercises to open to your Heart Tone

Option – Include a Private Session with Lauren Galey to Find Your Authentic Voice (30-45min)

Learn to speak from your heart in a magnetizing voice. Enjoy a private session with Lauren who will help you find your true, heart-resonating voice of the Divine within You. These sessions are recorded for your continued use.  Find a new voice in 1 to 5 sessions!  Lauren is a former radio and television news anchor who found her voice working in an early morning radio news show during Desert Storm in 1991. She’ll guide you into finding your own authentic voice, and expressing yourself in a powerful way that gets your truth expressed and heard.

$95 per session (30-45 minutes) with recording – BUY NOW

Find Your Voice. Speak Your Truth.