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Immune Booster Cellular Upgrade

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Transform and reprogram your cells to hold Life Force Energy and Divine Intelligence allowing you to raise your frequency and support Health and Vitality!

Using specific frequency codes that are transmitted to the genes, this package is taking Immune Boosters to a Molecular Level!

Using intentional Molecular Creation and coding of the DNA with cutting edge technology held in the intelligence of ORMUS Gold and Scalar Energy programs, you can reprogram your cells to avoid penetration of the COV19 virus!

The Time is NOW! There is a purpose beyond Fear and Suffering that is held in the virus and we can use this time to not only become more vital than ever, but ascend to our next level of personal evolution! You are becoming Superhuman!

What will you BE when the RESET button is hit? Elevate your Cells to Exist Beyond Degeneration, Viruses, and Disease…. Reprogram your cells to BECOME the NEW Human and AGE in Reverse!