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Money Games to Shift to Your Vibration

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2020/04/03 17:00:00

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Our energetic relationship to money is tied to many layers of outdated belief systems (BS) that no longer serves us. As Lightworkers stepping up in New Earth roles, you are here to receive the Freedom & Abundance Codes.
Learn how you can shift your money vibration with a few simple games that open your consciousness to the flow of money, giving and receiving, sharing with others by offering “Love bombs” to the unexpected.  The fun and easy exercises also deprogram you from lack consciousness.
You’ll also experience Plant Music of a blooming Cyclamen to help you remove subconscious belief systems (BS) about money and lack consciuosness.
Lauren coaches New Earth Leaders on the Passion Matrix and how you can create a self-sustaining service, product or organization by following your passion and joy.  Learn more in her special offer.  A New Coaching program starts on Monday, April 13 – Take the 6 Week Challenge to LIVE your Passion Matrix….click special offer below.