Mastery Empowerment Course

with Lisa Transcendence Brown

NEW EARTH FOCUS GROUP - In-VISIONing, Inspiring and Initiative!

Live Group Teaching Discussion & Energy-Shifting Session

Audio & Video Download – 14 hour Immersion Course  



NEW EARTH FOCUS GROUP – In-VISIONing, Inspiring and Initiative!

Light Encoded Group Teaching Discussion & Energy-Shifting Session

Audio & Video Download – 14 hour Immersion Course  

This is a program to inspire you, break down and through old limiting programming and provide various new ways of “seeing”, so you have “new tools” for working in Universal and Divine Flow. Our time together (either live or via replay), is to show you how simple all is, yet you have to be ready to “do” that which comes forth, as we access multi-dimensional information that requires implementation, incorporation and application to ignite beautiful and exciting flow. Anchoring NEW Earth within and in our reality too, is a MASTERY PRACTICE through alchemy and Divine Sacred Connection, where infinite magic and magnificence exists. All is inside. Let’s awaken this and bring it forth together! Groups are amazing when the energy is excitement, readiness and embracing creativity, exploration and simplicity too! 


Are you ready to play with us? We are always ready! Join us!

Uniting our Energy to activate more NEW Earth REALities! Beyond inspiring and exciting too!

Session 1: Initial Activation Day 

4.5 hours

This group session we will work with the activation of our inner-vision/access and welcoming in “new” awareness, seeing, understandings for shifting ourselves into higher vibrational timelines, by shifting out of the old and opening up to everything that is presented for us to break down those fixed and limiting inner-barriers, judgments, dis-beliefs, programs, conditioning, excuses, and that we held through our own unconscious mentalities and perceptions of before.

Lisa will do/provide an activation to assist us with shifting and expanding our consciousness/energy into an open space of excitement and readiness for all “new”. This discussion will identify some of the limits we’ve all imposed, held onto, believed and ways to transcend/shift easier, by shifting our focus and learning how to navigate through fully connected heart-consciousness, inviting unity, peace and softness in (Divine Feminine) and combining it with our own inner-drive/power (Divine Masculine) to accomplish in Divine Productive Flow.

It’s time to further embrace those gifts/abilities/skills and all you have access to, in order to create “more” organically to grow, flourish and inspire through Unity Love for all!

Lisa will provide some simple exercises that will initiate all for Day 2!


Session 2: Visionary Expansion Day

8  hours

Once all have integrated Day 1, we will come back together ready to further explore and seed/birth anew together, from a new baseline. We will share new visions, share the excitement, share the knowing and ways to start implementing/incorporating this “new awareness” into a more aligned reality that activates more ease, grace and flow. Part of the human ego is it won’t make a decision that it can’t control or see what it’s getting out of all and it short changes all. The “reversal” of this is to open up flow and allow all to come forth naturally and organically. We will discuss ways to do this and open up for participants to also share some ways that worked for them along the way, in order to start to see how simple all of this is. Our programming/conditions, energy and mentalities were the the block. Our Creator heart is the opposite of that.

Wide open hearts and minds are necessary for embracing our magic fully here. This program to support/assist. BE open and ready to shift, share, receive, expand and embrace that which is highest aligned for you in this current moment too! ♥

Lisa will share simplified Mastery Tools to assist each with aligning easier and calling forth more new. We will conclude with you having access to new inspiration and ideas, as well as various simple ways to get started on accomplishing that which has already occurred in a higher dimensional timeline and just waits to be activated to arrive/materialize as a vibrational response to you!