Mastery Empowerment Course

with Merissa Indigo Marcuccella

New Earth Embodiment Coronation Christ Consciousness

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Merissa Marcuccella

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You are invited to join is in this gifted Mastery Empowerment Course and sound healing ceremony for New Earth in which we proudly and lovingly command our crowns, our mastery, our embodiment as pure love master builders of New Earth. Featuring sonic activations with sound healing facilitator and Keeper of the Trees Christopher Parnell. Christopher transcribes the profound wisdom of Gaia and the tree beings through the vibrational resonance of his hand-made didgeridoos. All trees are gifts from the forest beings as felled trees.

Merissa will share the codes she received from Gaia and Solaris, lead us through New Earth embodiment activations and meditations as the initiation, while Christopher will facilitate this rite of passage with the resonance of the didgeridoo.

We will have an opening sound ceremony together, a guided activation/coronation ceremony with sound healing, and an end ceremony seal with sound healing to commemorate this event in the quantum realm for those joining us live and beyond. Experience the beauty and the magic of weaving sound with intentional ceremony and sending our prayers spiraling throughout all of space time together.

Join us in this beautiful ceremony to command and decree your sacred role as aligned for you, as a Christed, Crystalline lightbeing for your New Earth reality! Together in a meditative journey we will create and accept our etheric crowns as a symbolic initiation into the Golden Age.

These potent embodiment codes are the result of a culmination of energy gateways from this entire year so far. This beautiful Christ consciousness gateway started on the Spring Equinox, began peaking on 3/29 to the 444 on April 4th 2020, and is continually amping up through Easter on April 12th.

What is the Dreamweave? It is the energetic summation of all our conscious intentions to build an entirely New Earth reality for ourselves and for one another based upon the 12D templates of New Earth codes. The indigenous have worked with this conscious creation role as the dimension of the Dreamtime since the beginning. These are the abundance, freedom, and paradise codes. Each of us has our own Dreamweave bundle and a collective one too, built up of all our words, thoughts, emotions, prayers, wishes and so forth from all of time; anytime we dreamed up light-encoded aspects of heaven, paradise, freedom, or sovereignty. We enter the dimension of the Dreamweave together in sacred ceremony and presence like this course here, and also individually in our prayers when we intend freedom for all.

This is a Golden quantum opportunity for all of us to focus our conscious intentions together both live and on replay, focused on creating New Earth together. This is the portal for the collective and individual to Dreamweave our realities; consciously, mindfully imagining realities together which are based on the highest pure love, divinity, peace and such frequencies of harmonious heaven on earth for all of creation and ourselves too.  We do this by allowing the love inside to grow and thrive, by accepting our divinity and thus initiating our 12D divine human templates.

Once we can focus on the love and our ability to create, we can start to get to the fun creator-BEing stuff! It is time to implement the embodiment phase of the Dreamweave, actively participating in this conscious creation role. The energies here are all about Spring, re-birth, empowerment, health, abundance, balance, the divine union or holy marriage/hieros gamos of consciousness within of your feminine and masculine aspects, a revolutionary way of living which serves all involved, a renaissance, a resurrection of soul-centered living.

This is saying yes, embracing human potential as a divine destiny where all are kings and queens of light in their own right, divine sovereign masters here to birth, serve, share, inspire and love.

This is a beautiful opportunity to come together and share love, positivity, joy, imagination, and resurrect yourself, your identity, your beliefs, your entire life. This is our collective and individual coronation, as we graduate to embodied conscious creator beings of love and purity here with wide open hearts. We initiate ourselves and others as masters of Christ Consciousness to build realities from the frequencies of diamond light soulspace alignment. This is where we enter a new phase of existence with conscious clarity to participate in the Dreamweave as conscious creators with integrity, courage, and purity of heart.

This is the divine creator principle. We create for ourselves and with the divine on behalf of our self and others. This is a micro/macro view to create on both these levels at the same time, and to do so from the most beautiful, magical perspectives aligned with the divine which honor the cosmic laws of free will for all of creation as well.

Join us on Good Friday to unite as master builders, weaving light-encoded intentions to re-write the quantum codes for New Earth together.

About Merissa Indigo Marcuccella

Merissa has been consumed with her passion for the human potential, esoteric quantum physics, alien hybrid DNA and alternative healing since a small child.

She is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Dove Oracle, mother, writer and galactic shaman.

Her insatiable thirst to explore all subjects related to health, healing, our inherent human potential, the essence of consciousness, Earth-based indigenous traditions, archaeology/biology/chemistry and longevity began with her early introduction to alternative medicine as a little girl. She experienced several serious auto-immune disorders, the treatment of which opened her awareness to many forms of alternative medicine including acupuncture, TCM, naturopathic/allopathic remedies, herbalism, reiki, Ayurveda, Yoga, Kundalini yoga, mantra/prayer, sound healing, shamanism, and gem therapy to name a few. This was her first galactic shaman initiation.

During a near-death experience at 8 from an autoimmune disorder of the kidneys, she received a divine transmission from her higher self while in the hospital. She learned the root causes of illness being emotional/vibrational  in nature through her own health-related issues and their corresponding emotions or traumas. She also remembered her assignment or mission in this life, which was of service to humanity, for the restoration of freedom and joy for all. At age 9 she realized that her path was to help teach people how to both acquire and maintain their empowerment and thus optimum health through living an illumined lifestyle through self-awareness and self-mastery.

Merissa enthusiastically shares her wisdom of Ayurvedic philosophy, energetic alignment, mindfulness, love consciousness, and diet/lifestyle practices to help people take their health into their own hands. She has traveled and sat with indigenous elders all over the globe to receive ancient future tech Lemurian-Atlantean codes for the health and liberation of humanity. Sharing from her own personal experience of her soul integration journey, she combines her Ayurvedic education with traditional Hawaiian Huna, Shipibo cosmology, Western/Vedic/Mayan astrology, esoteric quantum physics, Qi Gong, Kundalini, Yoga, Human Design, shamanic/Earth practices from all over the world, Reiki, organic divine human DNA codes/technologies stored in our bodies, sacred aspect embodiment practices and more. This holographic experience enables her soul-coaching clients to de-program from old/artificial ego identities to make room to embody their soul. This leads to an expansion of consciousness and self-awareness for each individual through their own timeline of readiness, allowance and creation to actively engage in heart-centered living.

Her Mayan birth signature is White Resonant Wind, which symbolizes the service role of relating/transcribing messages from Spirit for self and others. As such Merissa transcribes codes for people to teach them how to also listen to all the messages, symbols, and frequencies all around and through us.

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