Mastery Empowerment Course

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Psychic Development through Hypnosis

Audio & Video download (2 hours)

bruce goldberg

Mastery Empowerment Course: Psychic Development Through Hypnosis with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Audio & Video download (2 hours)

In this spiritually uplifting presentation, you will learn how to develop your natural psychic gifts through simple exercises such as accessing the Akashic records, improving relations, and time travel.

In this presentation Dr. Goldberg will teach all attendees:

  • The various types of psychic powers
  • The six signs that you may be psychic
  • What projectiology is and how it relates to psychic development
  • How we can control our spiritual energies to develop our psychic abilities
  • How we can use psychic protection techniques to facilitate psychic development

This Live Webinar is included when you Purchase Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s Spiritual Growth Program:


A Six MP3 Training Program

  1. Psychic Protection From Negativity– Protect yourself from all forms of psychic attacks and bad luck.
  2. Consciousness Expansion– Access your higher self and both experience and accelerate your soul’s growth.
  3. Develop Your Psychic Powers– Learn how to harness your intuition and your natural ESP abilities.
  4. Spirit Guide Contact– Establish a two-way communication with your Masters and Guides.
  5. Find Your Karmic Purpose– Learn why you chose your current life and the goals you are supposed to accomplish.
  6. Advanced Out-Of-Body Experience– Be prepared to experience a journey

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