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Quantum Healing Tools for Optimizing Your Immune System

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The Health Concept of the Future – Today!

Revolutionary Scientific Tools for Your Healing!  Innovative Russian Doctor and Scientist!

Emphasis will be on why the immune defense systems weakens and what you can do to boost it. Oxygenating your cells and Structuring your body’s fluids can have amazing effects on your immune system…and your entire health!

Innovative Solutions for Health and Well-Being. Bring the body into balance and amazing improvements can occur!

  • Looking to effectively strengthen your immune system?
  • Are you suffering from lung and breathing issues and haven’t found a cure yet?
  • Want to improve your immune system in general and increase your stamina?
  • Want to get rid of hormonal issues?
  • Need to remedy your hypertension easily and without side effects?
  • Have you given up finding a solution to your arthritis?
  • Want to reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin?
  • Want to reduce your biological age in all organs and systems?


Do you or anyone you know experience….

  • Acute inflammation
  • Joint pain, arthritis
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Skin challenges
  • Diseases or imbalances in the body?


Listen to this interesting show and learn about the solution to all these problems!

The solution is NEW and UNIQUE and all NATURAL to the body and very EASY to apply.


In this course,  we will learn:

  • What the body really is and how to influence it to heal from the most effective angle.
  • The foundations for great health.
  • How we can help the body to heal itself and rejuvenate naturally and easily – no matter if the issue is acute or chronic.
  • How to improve your immune system, increase your stamina, endurance and work out capacity in the gym.
  • How to grow and look younger.
  • How a tiny breathing device called is able to effectively treat: ATHEROSCLEROSIS, OBESITY, AGING, REDUCE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, IMPROVE SLEEP, IMPROVE ASTHMA AND MUCH MORE!
Boris Aranovich
Boris Aranovich

About Boris Aranovich

Boris Aranovich is a Russian- Swedish scientist, a radio show host, an internationally acclaimed speaker in the alternative health field, a well-known author of 14 books, including Effective Breathing for Modern People”, Doctor Mindand Be the Master of your Health. Boris has been professionally active for 40 years within the field of alternative medicine and has created a number of therapy- and wellness modalities used by thousands of people worldwide. Boris continues to develop new innovative health practices at his company Manniskans Resurser AB.


1987 -1991, Principal at the University of Alternative Medicine, St. Petersburg, Russia.

2003 – Founded the company Manniskans Resurser AB, where he is still MD.

2009 – Hosts a Swedish radio show called “Better and Better Every Day”

Boris Aranovich is also an active member of the organization International Association for Professional Medical Specialists, in the field of both alternative and traditional medicine.

Boris Aranovich has earned a Master’s Degree from the International Academy of Ecology and Life Protection Sciences (IAELPS).

Research participation

1991 – Research at the Institute of Physical Education in St. Petersburg: “Effect of Mental Training on Sports Performance.”

1997 -Research on the effects of ideo motor movements on brain rhythms, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

2010 -Research at Karolinska Institutet: “Effects of a low-intensity electromagnetic field on fibroblast migration and proliferation.”

2011 – “Improvement of Human Health State after Short-Term Training of the SmartBreathe Method”, Shenzhen, China

2013- Effects of Smart Breathe in Community Dwelling Elderly of New Delhi, India

Books and programs

Boris Aranovich is the author of 14 books and 3 interactive programs about health.


Annette Graucob, Marketing Director at MR AB, the innovative alternative health company, which focuses on helping people to restore health and happiness. Annette spent the first half of her professional career as an executive in the international media arena, but some 15 years ago, her focus and passion turned direction completely – empowering people to find their inner strength and joy became much more important. Annette is now able to do so as an intuitive artist, and as a co-worker at MR AB.


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