Mastery Empowerment Course

with Denise Marie

Renewing Your Commitment to Your Soul

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Denise Marie

Mastery Empowerment Course: Renewing Your Commitment to Your Soul

with Denise Marie

Audio Download – 2 hours

Renewing your Commitment to your Soul

Denise’s work focuses on aligning your life to your soul’s calling.  Denise’s guides took her beyond the illusion of time and space. She visited the higher realms and then brought those higher frequencies to earth to help all of humanity awaken.

In this course, we will be bringing your Soul’s light to planet earth. Your soul wants to rest in peace in your physical body. The body has to be prepared to hold and anchor in the frequencies of heaven. Your soul is ready and waiting to live heaven on earth in your physical body.

Healing your heart scars and finding your heart expanders

Energetic cleansing and purification

Embodying inner peace and calmness

Serving your soul instead of your ego

Learning to listen and trust your inner reality

Renewing your commitment to your soul and your spiritual path

Activating the joy frequency

Feeling and sensing the essence of you

Engaging life from a higher consciousness

Allowing the formless energy to live your physical form

Living Heaven on Earth Now