Mastery Empowerment Course

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Slowing Down The Aging Process

Video & Audio Course
bruce goldberg

Mastery Empowerment Course: Soul Healing: Slowing Down The Aging Process

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

2 Hour Course in Video and Audio

Do we not all want to live longer and add quality years to our lives? Based on current research in gerontology, biochemistry, genetics and medicine, I’ve developed specific hypnosis techniques designed to build up our immune system and extend our lives both in quantity and quality.

With proper lifestyle and simple, yet natural exercises, high blood pressure, wrinkles, weight problems, heart problems, cancer, aches and pains and other diseases of aging can be prevented. The result is a longer and more fulfilled life.

“Youthing” is the term I apply to slowing down, and in some cases reversing, the aging process. Our bodies are designed to live to the age of between 120 and 140. By using natural relaxation methods such as self-hypnosis, we can increase the adrenal glands and gonads production of the hormone DHEA. This naturally produced sex hormone bulds up our immune system and results in a slowing down of the process of aging.

The problem with this DHEA system is that its production is significantly reduced as we age. Self-hypnosis techniques have been shown scientifically to keep this natural anti-aging hormone production high. This results in the youthing effect that is the basis of my slowing down the aging process tape.

No drugs, surgery or artificial elements of any kind are presented. Even the DHEA mechanism is produced by the body, not the artificial supplement that has received so much publicity recently.   More people are beginning to understand that something can be done about the aging process. We are not doomed to undergo the ravages of aging as has been our pattern throughout the ages.

  • Learn about various alternative approaches to conventional medicine that are far more successful in treating and preventing chronic illness.
  • Learn how to access your Higher Self to build up your immune system, overcome blocks, attain goals and achieve spiritual growth.
  • Learn about karma and quantum physics.
  • Empower yourself by custom designing and selecting your ideal frequency (path).
  • Learn how to select a soul healer and become one yourself.
  • Learn how to slow down the aging process and add 25 to 50 quality years to your life.
  • Learn how to improve your relationships and attract a soul mate.
  • Learn how to contact your Guardian Angel.
  • See your past lives and get a sneak preview of your future lives.

This work shop will be presented in a lecture format. Then Dr. Goldberg guides the entire group into hypnosis to facilitate the above mentioned goals. Followed by Q & A and participant sharing.