Mastery Empowerment Course

with Xi Earthstar Healer

Solstice Oracular Sound Ceremony & Source Field Immersion

3 Sessions – Recorded Video Classes


Xi EarthStar

Mastery Empowerment Course: Solstice Oracular Sound Ceremony & Source Field Immersion with Xi Earthstar Healer

3 Recorded Video Classes

On this International Aboriginal Peoples Day weekend, let us spend some time together in Prayer and Ceremony as a Planetary Rainbow Family.  These ceremonial gatherings with Quantum Conversations have been multi-dimensional shamanic journeys into the Abundance and Majestic Magic of Life on Earth.  The Original Way of Life on Earth. They take us beyond the film of Amnesia, into accessing our own Soul’s memories in the Organic Time-Field, directly accessing the Magic of Creation.

Anchoring and Strengthening this Remembrance of the Magic of Creation is the greatest task we can give to our self as apart of our Light-work at this time! What is Beyond the Amnesia… Join us to Bask in the Delight of Organic Source frequencies and Light and Sound, and come to Remember your true Self an ambassador of Living Creativity.

In the previous ceremony, we experienced an ascension of the Aboriginal Peoples all over the Earth living in Spirit Form ~ they built a giant sacred fire in the centre of the Earth, and in celebration and pride, informed us that they are no longer holding on to anger, blame and resentment for what had unfolded over the past few hundred years.  Upon ascending to this place of Forgiveness, all the curses on the land have been lifted, from all over the Earth.  What this implies for us Humans living on the Earth now is that we have an easier time connecting with the Original, True Living Earth Energies and Memories, and less distorted energy from the trauma and curses, to work through.  Each Human has a clearer, greater chance now to redeem themselves as a Loving Earthling, through learning and experiencing their True Connection to our Planet.

Oracular Sound Medicine, is both an ancient and newly evolving form of sound healing, which incorporates shamanic energy work with direct transmissions from the Angelic, Mystical and Divine realms.  This sort of medicine can bring forth profound effects of healing, akin to plant medicine.  The Source Field is a bio-organic technology of Healing and Divine Calibration which can be felt simply by being in its presence in direct transmission (or connection through distance meditation!)

Xi Earthstar Healer is a vessel for evolutionary angelic consciousness, through the arts of oracular singing, writing and multi-dimensional energy work. Her Ceremony is a sacred space held to access Divine Grace, accelerating personal healing and spiritual growth, and collective karmic cleansing and liberation of Humanity. You can expect an experience of Radiant Beauty in prayer and song.