Mastery Empowerment Course

with Sandra Walter

The New Stargate Systems

Audio & Video Download – 2.5 hrs



Audio & Video Download – 2.5 hours

2020 brings us a brand-new opportunity to engage with Gaia, the New Earth Ascension Grids and the Crystalline Gateways in a brand-new way.

The entire grid system of Gaia has changed to accommodate new Stargates delivering Higher Consciousness, Divine codes and electro-magnetic shifts.Sandra shares a comprehensive class in the multidimensional New Earth grid systems, the Crystalline gateways and the Ascension grids available since January 2020.

In this class Sandra shares High-Level intel and teachings on:

  • The Ascension Grids designed for zero-point quantum interaction
  • The Caves of Creation and the Living Library
  • Qualities and frequencies of the New Earth systems, New codes, the Crystalline Pathways and Rainbow-Plasma Bridge
  • How to perceive, activate and assist with the many new Gates and Grids available since January 2020
  • Multiple tools for New Gate and Grid activation and amplification
  • Purifying the Gate of the heart through embodiment, DNA activation and multidimensional awareness

Sandra’s classes have been recognized as some most comprehensive, activating courses available. Expect deep insights, heart-openings and transformation of your service.

Reviews of Sandra’s Classes:

“Sandra’s classes are those those Master Teachings received during critical points of highly accelerated evolution in my life. And they are presented in a clear, concise, thorough, highly understandable format, which inspires deep quantum insight.”“My heart is overflowing with gratitude for Sandra’s work.  I am so enjoying it and it’s so necessary to my journey. Gratitude for the degree of commitment and heart Sandra brings to the planet.”

“Working with Sandra’s classes is beyond words. The experience of huge heart expansion, Love for everything, Bliss, Peacefulness, Oneness. My energy level is rising and more stable than I have experienced for years.”