Mastery Empowerment Course

with Laurie Reyon

Time Travel with Seth Workshop

3 Hour Video Class

Laurie Reyon

Mastery Empowerment Course: Time Travel Workshop

with Laurie Reyon

3 Hour On-Demand Video Class

This ability to TIME TRAVEL is one our many Gifts that God has given us. However, in our daily lives it is mostly dormant and unexpressed.

Are you ready to study with the Whales and Dolphins, and Master Cat Puddah – Seth to practice this ability? Visiting other time lines, star family and parallel realities can open us to the Higher worlds and our ability to access them.

Various forms of Time Travel give us access to our multi-dimensionality. When you connect to your Soul or I Am Presence this reality can become a part of your world. This is a path that is chosen not given.

Are you ready to make the choice to evolve into other joy filled realities?

The animals are Masters at navigating the linear world of time. It is their honor to assist us in achieving the vibration and belief system that allows you to have these experiences.

Master Puddah has been teaching on how to do a re-birthing process for this timeline and for your personal life. Come experience what it is to re-write this lifetime with greater joy and in the presence of Angels.

Step out of Limited thinking and allow yourself to explore the possibilities.

In this workshop we will gently let go of this world and timeline and travel consciously with the assistance of the whales and dolphins. We will make contact with our Pleiadian brothers and sisters in a 5D reality to remember more about Ascension and what is possible.

We will “Jump” into other worlds that embody Higher Consciousness where our loving Guides and Celestial friends live. These Beings are NOT limited to this 3D reality. They will guide you gently into new potentials and possibilities. There is SO MUCH to SHARE!

Come and experience new patterning and open to who you are in the Higher realms. We are people who know we were meant to teach, share and expand our consciousness. Through practice and study of these time travel processes we can become inspired healers, teachers, avatars, leaders, altruistic, open-minded, loving, conscious galactic citizens….. prepared to enter the spiritually advanced Universal civilizations with benevolence and wisdom.

All of this is completed in the spirit of JOY and FUN, which according to the dolphins and whales is the most important aspect of our life on Earth.