Mastery Empowerment Course

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

Time Travelers From Our Future

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Mastery Empowerment Course: Time Travelers From Our Future

with Dr. Bruce Goldberg

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There are many abductions on board UFOs and secret military bases that are conducted, not by aliens from our own time, but by us in the future. I refer to these time travelers as chrononauts. These chrononauts originate from between 1,000 to 3,000 years in our future and from Earth.

Through the use of hyperspace engineering, these time travelers have mastered the art of entering the fifth dimension and traveling back in time to our century. In addition, these chrononauts have abducted us in our past lives as well.

The purpose of these times travelers is to facilitate our spiritual growth. They are us in the future. My. presentation will thoroughly describe exactly who these time travelers are, how they interact with us and how we can all benefit from this contact.

We will discuss such concepts as:

  • Examples of how the same individual has been abducted by the very same time travelers in several of their past lives.
  • The precise mechanism to explain how a time travelers can move through solid object and observe us while remaining invisible.
  • Out-of-body experiences and time travel.
  • Modern theories of time travel demonstrating its possibility and that it does not violate the principle of causality.
  • Examples of how some angelic encounters are actually experiences with these time travelers.
  • A paradigm that shows the aliens UFO abductees encounter are supervised by us in the distance future.
  • How time travel through hypnosis to past and future lives demonstrate life after death.
  • How to use these time travel principles to attain spiritual growth.

In experiential workshops, Dr. Bruce Goldberg will guide all attendees through group hypnosis to:

  • Contact your Higher Self
  • Scan abductions in your present and past lives by the same time travelers
  • Grow spiritually as a result of these contacts

This Live Webinar is included when you Purchase Dr. Bruce Goldberg’s Time Travelers Training Program:


6 MP3 series

  1. Develop Your Psychic Powers – Learn how to harness your intuition and your natural ESP abilities.
  2. Advanced Out-of-Body Experiences – Be prepared for the ultimate altered state of consciousness journey beyond the earth plane.
  3. Fifth Dimension Travel – Explore hyperspace as you voyage to past, future and parallel lives.
  4. Establish Contact with Aliens – Invite communication with extraterrestrial in a safe and mutually growth oriented environment.
  5. Meet a Time Traveler – Travel through the Fifth Dimension and communicate with a time traveler from our future. They will assist you in developing spiritually.
  6. Teleportation – Learn how to transport your body from one location to another by using your mind alone. Beam yourself anywhere in this or any other dimension.

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