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Sound for Personal and Planetary Transformation

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Enjoy this free course with Christopher Tims, a sound healer who shares an  overview of how to “Wash the Windows” of your Chakra Energy Centers with tuning forks. to remove distortions and energetic debris that keeps you from being present and aligned.   He also shares on his upcoming 3 session course Tuning Forks for Personal & Planetary Transformation, which gives you an in-depth focused exploration of the effects of sound in the form of tuning forks on and around the body.  Great for Healers, and anyone interested in energetic cleansing with pure, organic sound tools. 

If you don’t have access to the web, you can listen in by dialing
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You’re invited to join Christopher Tims for a Mastery Empowerment Course:

Tuning Forks for Personal & Planetary Transformation

3 Video Classes

Friends and Spiritual Family,
So you would like to know about tuning forks?
Well, for over 30 yrs I have studied acoustic physics and musicology. With a focus on the unique and amazing devices, we know as tuning forks.
Let me invite you to Sound for Personal and Planetary Transformation. An in-depth, focused exploration of the effects of sound in the form of tuning forks on and around the body. Originally taught In Jan 2020, The video recording is available for your study and will be a go-to resource your years to come.
Learn about resonance, dissonance, entrainment, carrier waves and signals. As well as primary and secondary fields, harmonics & overtones as a function of fundamental tones. We will go over various scales, their implications & applications such as:

  • The Tempered A440 scale
  • The Tempered A110 scale From Archaeoacoustics:
  • The Pythagorean Harmonic Spectrum scale
  • The Planetary Scale from the book The Cosmic Octave by Cousto.
  • The C528 Solfeggio Scale From The book of 528 by Horowitz
  • The Temple set from the personal research of Christopher Tims decoding ancient sites/temples

As we know that sound/vibration is the foundational quality of all creation (form), then it becomes important to introduce the primordial form of the Torus and it’s secrets to everyone. An in-depth grasp of The cascade of sound from the formless into the formed is what we call Frozen Music ( Sacred Science). This is a journey of personal and planetary healing, ascension and transformation.