Mastery Empowerment Course

with Judy Cali

The Goddess Panacea

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Judy Cali

Judy Cali’s Mastery Empowerment Course:

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A Note from Judy Cali

We are Coming Together on February 20th to Share in a MasterClass with Goddess Panacea & Her Family.
They are Standing in my Bedroom Smiling & Opening Their Sacred Hearts & Arms to Each of You.

I see 7 Star Hearts of Gold Pulsing Pure Love as They are Floating a few feet off the ground & are Singing a Unified Tone Sound Merging Into 1 Star Heart Pulsing. 🌟

Goddess Panacea Speaks, “I come Forth Today to Shower YOU with our Love & Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom, Awareness & Understanding of Self & Imbalance.

All of what your World Calls Illness & Disease is a Dis-Ease within Yourself & is Your Bodies, Minds & Hearts Showing You the Parts of Yourself that you are Denying Unconditional Love & Attention & so You are Out of Balance & Wellness.

Your World Family can be Experienced as very Complicated with Fear & Insecurities or You can Seek Within & Feel Your Truth of Love, Unique to You, it’s your Choice.

Choice is a Sacred Gift that Always Delivers an Insight to Your Inner Feelings of Who You Truly Are & Self Love 💕

Life may Appear Different in my Time but Fear & Love are the Same Choices All Have in Any Time.

Your Inner Physician & Healer are Always Available to You, Once You Choose to Remember Your Truth within your Creator Sacred Heart of Oneness.

I have Stepped Forth to Judy to Share my Family with Each of You which is Also You as my Family in this Wonderful Opportunity we are Sharing in.

We are Each All & Everything in the Nucleus of Creator & Creation, we are the Cells of Life as Life Calls us Each Forward to NOW.

I have & so do You, 4 Sisters who Each Carry a Sacred Gift.

  • Hygieia: Goddess of Good Health
  • Laso: Goddess of Healing
  • Aceso: Goddess of Curing
  • Aglaea: Goddess of Radiance

My Parents & Yours

  • Asclepius: God of Medicine
  • Epione: Goddess of Soothing

There is a Cure for All Diseases & Imbalances in Your Life, Home & World by Bringing Yourself to Your Center within All Your Bodies, Minds & Hearts of Your Soul to Embrace All of You with Full Love for Self.

We are Pulsing Pure Healing Energy into Every Cell of Your Being to Assist You to Smooth Out Your Stress Lines & Soul Fractures, Seal the Rips & Tears in Your Energy Field Caused by Traumas.

We are Sharing Pistachio Agate with You Today to Open Up Your Sacred Heart to Transformation.
This Stone keeps You Grounded, Stable, Focused & Seeing NEW Perspectives in Life & to Regenerate, Cleanse & Balance Your Aura.

Agate Soothes Your Inner Anger & Assists You to Feel Safe, Secure & Authentic by Helping You to be Discerning of Your Truth & Allow. This Stone Also has an Antidepressant Quality.

A-Gate Way to Stimulate You to Opening Your New Doors of Enlightenment You are NOW Ready for.

Judy will Invite Each of You into The Inner Temple of Healing & Wellness, so we may Join Our Sacred Hearts to Strengthen & Merge our Blueprints of Wellness with Yours & You can Feel Our Assistance for the Next 30 Days in Complete Acceptance & Love.

Judy will Channel a Message we have for You that is Encoded to Speak to Each of Your Hearts as Individual Expressions of Oneness & Love.

Two Weeks ago we Connected with Each of You to Become Aware of Each of Your Individual Needs.
We Are Awakening Your God & Goddess Selves of Love, Healing & Cures Thru us Showering you in Our Magical Healing Elixir to the Full Extent You Could Each Receive & we have been Increasing Your Showering Frequencies with Each Breath for Your Full Wellness & Balance.

We are Very Proud of Each of You for Having the Courage & Fortitude to Stay the Sacred Heart Truth Course No Matter what you have Experienced.
You Each are Really Strong Masters & are Now Choosing to Awaken more of Your Master Gifts to Share with Your World Families of All Kingdoms.

As Gods & Goddesses we Hug Each of Your Souls & Thank You for The Gift of You, just as You are.”

Judy will be Open to Transmit any Beings Messages of Pure Love to You as a Group & Assist to Download, Activate & Initiate the Pistachio Agate Stone Gifts, etc. into Your Sacred Hearts in Whatever Way Would Serve You Now to Live Your Full Masterself Potential aligned to Your Sacred Heart & Your I AM Presence, as Joy Incarnate 🥰

Judy will also Offer Each of You, if You  Feel The Calling, to Join with Us, as a Healing & Curing Team in The Temple of Healing for 2021 to Assist Your World Family Coming Home in Love & Light 🌕

Thru Our Sacred Heart of Oneness, Coming Together Reminds Us We are Never Alone & We are Each Other in Our True Energy Self.

Judy will also Share the Exciting Message She Received, in about a Minute Recently, from 2 White Cats about What Our Next Step Is as LightCreators.
This Message will Put a Huge Smile in Your Sacred Heart 💛 & a JoyFilled Bounce in Your Step 🥰 Knowing the Huge Difference YOU are Making in The World.

This MasterClass is Such a Gift to Give Yourself the Ability to Be of The Highest Service in Leading The Way in Delight & Heart 🥳 & to Celebrate You as A Gift to The World 🌕

Judy Cali