Mastery Empowerment Course

with Macaya Miracle

Starseed Activatons

Course in downloadable Video & Audio versions
Macaya Miracle

Understanding your Galactic Heritage & Connecting to the Energies of Your Home Planet


Do you know you’re from another planet? Do you feel that in every part of your being? What if you could connect with the energies from your galactic home and bring them here on the earth plane to create a miraculous life for yourself and the people around you?

In this Accelerated Light Healing Experience you will:

• Learn about the Starseed Races including the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, and more!!!

• Connect with the Energies of your Home Planet

• Journey to Your Home Planet

• Receive Messages from a Master Guide from Your Home Planet

• Learn tools to help you be able to live in this reality

• Learn to Feel Safe on this planet


During the second part of the class you will receive an Accelerated Light Healing Activation to attune you to the energies of your home planet so you can embody them here are receive all the magic they have to offer,  experience the energies and receive messages from the Sirians, Pleiadians and so much more!!!

Does this sound exciting to you? If so, Join Us!!!