Mastery Empowerment Course

with Kara Goss

Cultivating Multidimensional Awareness thru the 12D Time-Space Matrix

2 Sessions (2 hours Each) 

In Audio and Video downloads

Kara Goss

Cultivating Multidimensional Awareness thru the 12D Time-Space Matrix
With Kara Goss

In this 2-session video class, we will be exploring a new modality for clearing and connecting your energy fields to Source through all dimensions and timelines. This helps neutralise the interference that many experience in the 3D Matrix.

Activating the Seal of Source: “We direct your conscious awareness out your Rishi body of the 5th Harmonic Universe, by connecting with each dimensional space individually. This ensures that a conscious connection is being made to all 12 levels and layers of the DNA and energy fields. Next, we link up to the Trinity of the 13th, 14th and 15th dimensions of Mother, Father Source and Christed Consciousness. Once connected here, we run the trinity wave back down through each level of your divine being, neutralizing any and all interference patterns. We then activate the three fold flame within the heart and pulse this out and flood your body with the True Golden Ray of the Christ. This illuminates the structures that are to be removed, and together we examine each frequency band in depth for unresolved energetic patterns that need addressed. Patterns may include, a variety of programs, including things such as mirrors governed by any AI forces, dark archon forces, metal rings and seals, metal objects, parasites, false light, false darkness (which is another type of implant used to amplify the energies of pain and separation), and other implants or alien technology that may reside in the frequency bands. Once identified and removed, we then search for any dead light and begin to funnel this back to the tri-wave frequencies of source. Doing this allows the return all of your soul light back to you, fully restoring your divine organic template with living light and divine flow.

Also Includes Emerald Order Activation in Video and Audio Download