Mastery Empowerment Course

with Yukia Azorath Sandara

Activate Your Light Language – The Higher Consciousness Language of the Heart in our New Earth

2 Sessions in Audio & Video downloads

(2 hours each)




MASTERY EMPOWERMENT SERIES – Activate Your Light Language – The Higher Consciousness Language of the Heart in our New Earth with YUKIA Azorath Sandara

video and audio downloads  – 2 Sessions (4 hrs total)



ACTIVATING YOUR Light Language – the Higher Consciousness Language of the Heart in our New Earth

Do you want to be Activated and Expanded?

Join us in these Series of creative practices, sharing’s activations/attunements , upgrades and pearls of wisdom form our Inter Galactic Star Brother /Sisters & our Ancestors as Yukia expresses from her Collective integrated Self  the Language that has been part of her Life experience  for 16 years.

We will be covering guided by spirit the following:

  • Yukia personal journey with Light language shared
  • How Light Language was remembered, spoken and evolved as part of a soul’s expansion and evolution
  • Confidence and expression. Some of the challenges ; How  Communication and self healing Assisted to Learn  to express ,feel and surrender.
  • Why Light Language is evolving and being birthed  in many people across the globe.
  • How is the Light coding of the written language expressed in drawings glyphs, symbols, sacred geometry. Is it translated into Sonic activations and Language or the other way around?
  • Is it Ancestral? Is it Shamanic ? Is it Angelic? Is it Galactic? it is Inter –Galactic
  • How it has developed and expanded as the soul has evolved – types of languages and expression and origins of those languages and gifted qualities that each bring for integration with the collective self?
  • How we can apply it to ourselves and our daily life ; Covering – repair, reconnection, facilitate healing, promote activations and upgrades in our own body of consciousness and DNA, uncover our origins as a Soul in the cosmos, collect our gifts and skill set , re script our current reality.
  • Why Light language is not translatable verbatim or even decoded by most transmitter’s, why most Light language activators are not yet attuned  to the content of what is being expressed and if or when will that become integrated?
  • What are other applications of the Language? Covering Earth and Inter Galactic Journeys, the use in multi – dimensional  clearing and physical spaces , Timeline & Event Re – scripting changing the energy around past and future and inter- Planetary healing.
  • Discernment, responsibility  – This is a huge area when this gift emerges and Yukia will be sharing her experiences with discernment, suggested protocols.
  • Body Light language Cell communication talk, to release, integrate and embody our full Higher consciousness.

Yukia will be taking live Questions live questions during the event