Mastery Empowerment Course

with Judy Cali

4 Ways to Experience Your Golden Master Self of Oneness

2.5 Hour Audio Activation (download)

Audio Activation – Audio download – 2.5 hours


Psychic Channel Judy Cali  brings forth messages from the Masters to Judy uplift and nuture us as she shares insight from the hidden realms.  Enjoy messages to empower and assist us in walking, and being in Divine Grace and Living Golden Grace.

Each experience with Judy is magical and we don’t know who will show up until we are in the moment of the event.  Yet you may feel the magic beginning to happen in your dream space or physical world in the days leading up to this event. Judy has brought forth the Ascended Masters, Angels, Saints, Sages, Ancient ones, and the animal kingdom in these heart-opening and Christ Consciousness-activating online seminars.

Judy is also well known for Channeling Surprise Beings Popping In with Special Messages for the Group.

We are coming together as a Golden Ascended Master Family to take 4 weeks to allow Completeness in 4 areas of our Soul Lives as Aspects thru Infinity.

All 4 Weeks‘ Experiences will be Downloaded, Activated & Initiated Fully in this 1 Class to prepare you to Transmute for the next 4 Weeks within Yourself.

1.  Golden Mental Master Self
2. Golden Emotional Master Self
3. Golden Physical Master Self
4. Golden Spiritual Master Self

We are Choosing to Welcome Home into our Golden Sacred Heart of Creator all parts of us that we are finished with of Fear in all its Ways, Shapes & Forms & Fully & Graciously accepting & recognizing the Gift each Fear has shared with us & in what ways it has brought us to Be Who We Are Today.

We will be recognizing that we are now feeling the Dissolving of The Wheel of Reincarnation & Choosing to Come Home into our Golden Oneness of One Golden Body, One Golden Mind & One Golden Heart.

We will allow our Deepest Golden Healing, Golden Rejuvenation & Golden Regeneration to now be Experienced thru Golden Ease, Golden Peace, Golden Joy, Golden Grace & Golden Love for 4 weeks.

Judy will Channel a message from all our Higher Selves of this Ascended Master Class, as a Master Message in Oneness.
Plus any Surprise Beings who show up & choose to grace us with their sharings.

We will each Hug ourselves & each other for the Tremendous Courage, Trust, Love, Patience, Wisdom & Integrity it has taken as we have each been Comitted to Our part in assisting ALL Life on the Planet to Stepping into The 7th Golden Crystalline Age of Wisdom & Peace being led by All of our I AM Presences, our Sacred Hearts, The New Children & The Omni-Verse. Bravo 🥰👼🏻🌎

I love each of you 💛, Judy Cali