Mastery Empowerment Course

with Judy Cali

Mastery Empowerment Course with Judy Cali

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2 Hour Activation


Mastery Empowerment Course: Letting Go of the Old You & Joyfully Creating a New Life

with Judy Cali

Audio Download

Psychic Channel Judy Cali  brings forth messages from the Masters to Judy uplift and nuture us as she shares insight from the hidden realms.  Enjoy messages to empower and assist us in walking, and being in Divine Grace and Living Golden Grace.

Each experience with Judy is magical and we don’t know who will show up until we are in the moment of the event.  Yet you may feel the magic beginning to happen in your dream space or physical world in the days leading up to this event. Judy has brought forth the Ascended Masters, Angels, Saints, Sages, Ancient ones, and the animal kingdom in these heart-opening and Christ Consciousness-activating online seminars.

Judy is also well known for Channeling Surprise Beings Popping In with Special Messages for the Group.

Come & feel hugged, loved & gain Clarity to assist you to Remember Who You Are

There are 2 areas I have noticed most People struggling with at this time:
1. Self Love
2. Attachment to Old Life Story

We are going to answer as many of your questions & concerns so
YOU will have a better understanding of your Old Life Story & why it’s finished.

Share new ways to look at the Pain, Struggles & Fears & instead Choose Tools to Create a New Life that allows you to Live as your Authentic True Self with a Smile in your Heart & be at Peace at least 51% of each day.

Truth: You get 100% of what you Focus on Attracted back into your Life, Choose LOVE.

Truth: YOU are the Author & Creator of your Life Story & All the Experiences you have.

Truth: Look for The GIFT, you Created for you in every Life Experience including Pain, Suffering & Fear.

Some Common Questions you may have at this time?

1. What is The Journey of my Soul?
2. Why have my Parents not been there for me?
3. I Never felt like I Fit In always felt like I Did Not Belong?
4. Why have I felt Unloveable & that there is Something Wrong with me since Childhood?
5. Why do I feel so Spacey?
6. Why am I Forgetting Details & Names etc of my Life.
7.  Why are Old Issues or People from the Past showing up Now?
8.  How can I Create the Life I want?
9.  Why has my Family been so Difficult.
10. Who am I?
11.  What is my Purpose?
12. Why have my Partnering Relationships been so Difficult?
13. Why have I had so many Painful Challenges & Issues?
14. How do I get rid of Critical & Judgemental People in my Life?
15. Why are my Children so different from me when I was a Child?
16. Why do my Pets Love me so much & what is their Role In My Life?
17.  How do I Create my Divine Vocation?
18. Why am I so much more Sensitive than most People?
19.  How do I Stop being Afraid most of the Time?
20. Why do I have an Addiction?
21.  How do I attract my Twin Flame?
22. Why do I have extra Weight on my Body?
23. Why did I Lose my Parents, Job, Partner, Home, Health or Pet?
24. What was my Job in 3rd Dimension, now in 4th Dimension & stepping into 5th Dimension?
25. Have I missed something I was here to Learn or any Lessons?

Judy will take us thru a Sacred Prayer to lift off all Old Energy that is no longer serving us & align with the Golden Sacred Crystal Heart of Truth you have.
The Violet Flame Dragons will be assisting & Judy will Channel any Messages that present themselves from anyone who shows up.
I am seeing Mother Mary, she will assist as well.

When we finish with this Class, you May feel much Lighter & Clearer than you ever have.