Mastery Empowerment Course

with Xi Earthstar Healer

Advanced Psychic Lightwork & Galactic Shamanism Training

A 3 – Part Master Class Series (9 classes total)

Part 1: 3 Sessions in video

Part 2: 3 Sessions  in video

Part 3: 3 Sessions in video


Xi EarthStar

A 3 – Part Master Class Series (9 classes total)


Course Description: 


As the awakening and healing of Gaia & Humanity continues to accelerate, it becomes more and more important for all willing and able lightworkers to step forth and uplevel our involvement shamanically.  This is a Multi-Dimensional New Earth Experience.  While the 3D self gains the essential practical information regarding Advanced Psychic LightWork on the Earth now, our whole field is synchronizing to the Organic Living Light Matrix of Source and higher aspects are receiving uploads from our psychic libraries directly.  Being in the created container accelerates Higher Self integration, as each day is an invitation to engaging deeper in our Mystical Life.  A facebook group will contain our collective experience and offer delicious extra content and support in between our weekends of live webinars. Collectively we are engaging in massive planetary grid-work.  It is an experiential initiation to aligning deeper into our soul’s purpose as co-creators and guardians of a New Earth.


Part 1 – Advanced LightWork


  1. Session 1:   Piercing through the False Matrix: an in-depth exploration of the false matrix, and what it means to be an “Advanced LightWorker”

Collective Process: System Update for all aspects of self to come into Presence


  1. Session 2:  imagination & creative medicine. Angelic sound & light technology

Awareness of False / Organic Matrices

Collective Process: Source-field Sound Healing & Higher Self integration


  1. Session 3:   Personal & Planetary Gridwork: the different dimensions and aspects of gridwork (Planetary Energy vs Consciousness).  Tools in the Internal Medicine Cabinet

Collective Process: Collective Breath & Gridwork Ceremony


Part B – The Inner Work


  1. Session 1 ~ Sacred Sexuality Sex in the War on Consciousness: multi-dimensional perspective on Nature, sex and its hijacking. Multi-dimensional anatomy of human Creative energy & the process of reclaiming sovereignty

Collective Process: Organic Sexuality Healing Ceremony


  1. Session 2~ The “Ego” & the Wounded Child: Working with Inner Children & its connection to “Seeing” Accessing our Super Powers through innocence.

Collective Process: Inner Child Healing


  1. Session 3 Source Code Sound Healing Activation

Q&A Integration Day

Collective Process: Source-Field Sound Healing Ceremony


Part C – Galactic Shamanism


  1. Session 1: Creative Capabilities of the Aura & Lightbody. Strengthening our torsion field, 0 point between Physical and Energy bodies

Collective Process: LightBody Strengthening Work-Out


  1. Session 2: Theta & Shifting States of Consciousness: Achieving rapid results in healing and reprogramming of self and Reality.  Creating Powerful Verbal & Energetic commands

7D Consciousness

Collective Process: Shifting into 7/9D Consciousness & Theta brainwave state


  1. Session 3: Shamanic Reiki & Quantum Healing: Accessing Galactic, Angelic, Elemental & other Mystical Frequencies (a.k.a Contact) Creator Consciousness is Powered by Love. Heart & Body Intelligence.

Collective Process: Level 1 Shamanic Reiki & Quantum Healing Initiation Ceremony