Mastery Empowerment Course

with Judy Cali

Peace Pilgrim's Clarion Call

Audio & Video Session
Judy Cali

Judy Cali’s Mastery Empowerment Course: Peace Pilgrim’s Clarion Call.

2 hours – downloadable audio & video

A Note from Judy Cali

Peace Pilgrim is standing in my bedroom doorway asking you to help spread her Message For Peace & to consider accepting her Invitation to Join her as a Peace Pilgrim in whatever way Speaks to your Heart 💛 Example: You could Choose that every time you take a Walk you mindfully send out Peace to the World.

Peace Pilgrim 1908-1981 was an American Spiritual Teacher, Mystic, Pacifist, Vegetarian & Peace Activist.

A Pilgrim is a Wanderer with a Purpose.

In 1952 she was the 1st Woman to walk the entire Appalachian Trail in one Season. By 1964 she had walked more than 2050 miles for Peace & stopped counting.

A Silver-Haired Woman dressed & wearing a simple outfit of navy slacks & navy shirt, with PEACE PILGRIM in White Letters in Front & 25,000 miles for PEACE in white letters on the back of a short navy blue Tunic.The Tunic was full of pockets all around the bottom carrying her few Worldly Possessions, a Comb, a Folding Toothbrush, ball point pen, current correspondence & a Leaflet with her Message.

In 1953, Peace stepped out in Front of the Rose Bowl Parade & for the next 28 years she Crisscrossed North America & at her Death she was Crossing the Country for the 7th time.

She walked through ALL 50 States & visited 10 Providences of Canada & parts of Mexico. In 1976 a man flew her to Alaska & Hawaii.  Also she walked through Dangerous Cities, Slept beside the Road, on Beaches & in Bus Stations when no Bed was offered. She walked Joyfully saying, “I am a Pilgrim & a Wanderer. I shall remain a Wanderer until I am Given Shelter & Fasting until I am Fed.”

Peace always spoke of being in Radiant Health, never any aches, pains etc. & she said, “I certainly am a Happy Person, how could one know God & not be Joyous.” She walked as a Prayer & as a Chance to Inspire others to Pray & Work for Peace.

“Choose a whole Picture of Peace, Peace among Nations, Groups & Individuals but very, very Important, Inner Peace, then our Institutions will become Peaceful & there will be no more occasions for War.”

“The Purpose of Problems is to push you toward Obedience to God’s Laws, which are exact & cannot be Changed.”

Steps For Inner Peace:
Purification of Body, Thought, Desire & Motive.
Relinquishment of Self Will, Feeling of Separateness, of All Attachments & All Negative Feelings.
You Do Not Possess any Other Human Being.
A Persistent Simplification of Life, will Create an Inner & Outer Well-being that places Harmony in one’s Life & is one of the Steps to Inner Peace.

Peace‘s Message:
“This is the way of Peace,
overcome Evil with Good, Falsehood with Truth & Hatred with Love.”

Peace Pilgrim will Download, Activate & Initiate all the above Steps for Inner Peace to each of our Sacred Hearts, in alignment with each of your Sacred Hearts & your I AM Presence in whatever way Honors you in Love, Ease, Grace & Joy in the Most Benevolent Way or Something even Better & ALL is unfolding so we are Living our Most Expanded, Greatest Potential for this Life as a Peace Pilgrim & more.

Peace’s Meditation: still..& know..I am God still..& know..I AM still..& know still

Her Transition, she called it, ”The Glorious Transition to a Free Life”
Her Friends wrote: “Free of Earth, as Free as Air, Now you can Travel everywhere.”

Judy will Channel a Message from Peace Pilgrim for this Group & she is saying she has Hand Chosen each of you for this Event, per your Request to her. She has connected to each of you in the past 2 weeks to a Month. She is asking you to Search Your Heart & Know The Soul Truth for YOU.

I am also calling forth The Ambassador of the New Children & The New Children, Mattie Stepanek, Peace Keeper & Ghandi, Peace Activist to Join with us & Peace Pilgrim to assist us to usher in The 7th Golden Crystalline Age of Wisdom & Peace & share this with ALL Beings.

Judy & Lauren will be taking a lot of Calls to Answer any Questions or Comments that are Helpful for the Group

This is a Sacred Mission & Choice. It’s quite an Honor to receive a Clarion Call & you can expect more as you Choose to live more of your Ascended Master Self with every Breath.

I first became aware of Peace Pilgrim in the early 1980’s.  She has been in my Sacred Heart ever since. I look at her sweet face & tears fill my eyes with such a deep respect, Love & reverence for all she has contributed to Life & for Who She is as a Goddess of The Earth.

Please Join us for this Special Event & feel the Divine Grace of your God & Goddess Self for  each of us & Peace Pilgrim.

You can look up Peace Pilgrim on the Internet & get her Free Book, it’s about 289 pages & be Inspired.

I love you, Judy