Mastery Empowerment Course

with Peter Sterling

Ascension Keys and the 5th Dimension

Audio & Video Download with Music Album in MP3



Peter Sterling

Ascension Keys and the 5th Dimension

with Peter Sterling

Audio & Video Download with Music Album in MP3

Join us for this Mastery Empowerment Course with Master Harpist & Sound Healer Peter Sterling who offers this presentation on the Ascension Keys and the 5th Dimension as channeled by the Angelic Hierarchy.

  • Do you seek insights into the rapidly unfolding planetary awakening and ascension?
  • Do you feel like something big is on the horizon for yourself and humanity as a whole?
  • Are you experiencing unusual energy and vibrations in your body.
  • Do you sometime experience fluctuations in time and space?
  • Is your dream life becoming more vivid and unusual?
  • Is your intuition becoming more acute?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions perhaps you are experiencing ascension symptoms.

Join world renowned harpist and sound healer Peter Sterling for a very informative presentation where he will share insights gained from 30 years of working as a channel for the angelic hierarchy bringing forth heavenly sound harmonics with accompanying data streams of celestial/terrestrial importance as dictated from the angels.

Topics covered will include:

  • Sacred geometry and the harmonics of light and sound
  • how to connect with your angels
  • Vortexes,portals and stargates
  • DNA activation
  • Multi dimensional realities and more…

Peter will also play the harp to demonstrate the Ascension Keys

Bonus with this Class!

Patterns of Reflection
by Peter Sterling

Track List:

  1. Terra Nova
  2. Onward and Upward
  3. Little One
  4. Honey Dew Drop
  5. Child of Light
  6. The Emerald Forest
  7. Tantra of Love
  8. Enchantments Awakening
  9. Modern Times
  10. Transmission 333
  11. For Love and Honor
  12. The Grail Quest
  13. The Morning After
  14. Waterfall Cascade
  15. Parting of the Way
  16. Tulipe Time

#1 on ZMR Top 100 ZMR Album of the Year Nominee 

This music is born out of my own very personal journey’s into the realms of radiant light and celestial sound that I have been exploring from the first moment the harp came into my life almost 20 years ago. As a sacred instrument that has been used and honored the world over for mellenia the harp has a unique ability to reflect in sound the harmonic structure of the cosmos like no other instrument. It is with this intention that I sat down at my harp one night and ventured forth into the great sea of sound that reverberates thru out the universes. Without a specific destination in mind, I allowed inspiration to flow thru my improvosations, surrendering to the great unifying force of the cosmic sound current. What you hear on this recording was born on that night as one track after the next came forth effortlessly as precious gems from my heart of hearts. Like a painter of sound I worked for one year adding the other instruments and layers t

” Patterns of Reflection is harpist/flutist/keyboardist Peter Sterling’s twelfth album and marks his return to his “New Age” roots. After the world beat flavored The Sands of Time, the solo harp Silhouette and the unique wind-harp recording Circles of Light, the artist (along with a great cast of guest stars) on Patterns… offers the listener sixteen tracks of cheerful bliss. Sterling infuses his music with joyfulness but also a clear sensation of relaxation to soothe the troubled heart. Besides Sterling (electric harp, keyboards, and flute, vocals), Patterns of Reflection adds the musical talents of flutist/wind instrumentalist Richard Hardy, violinist Dov, bassist William Aura, guitarist Bruce BecVar, table player Michael Reidinger and vocalists Ani Williams and Crystal Bliss. Despite abundant musical variety, this is a unified artistic statement, owing to Sterling’s superb harp playing which dominates the CD. Standout tracks include: The lively opening song “Terra Nova,” “Onward and Upward” which builds to a pleasantly subtle sensation of crescendo, the delightful harp, violin, and flute number “Honey Dew Drop,” and “The Emerald Forest” on which Sterling displays his fast tempo technique, accented by great flute melodies and lots of twinkling bell tones, painting a musical picture of walking among tall trees with sunlight peeking through the overhead canopy. Peter Sterling has a special affinity for the harp, crafting music that, by turns, delights, soothes, and captivates listeners. Patterns of Reflection demonstrates not just his technical mastery of harp playing, but also his skill as an ensemble leader as well as his ability to vary his music without losing his prime focus. ”

– Bill Binkelman. Zone Music Reporter critic