Plant Music Sound Bath & Meditation

with Lauren Galey

Meditation & Activations with Plant Music

Plant Music Audio Library 

Includes 15 Hours of Plant Music Remedy – Streaming & Downloadable MP3

Plant Music Remedy (21)

 Plant Music for Meditation, Clearing & Activation

 Includes 15 Hours of Plant Music Remedy – Streaming & Downloadable

During the Plant Music Meditation audios, you are free to do as you wish, there are no rules. Your Higher Self knows what to do. (you can move, play, run, work, or lie perfectly still).  As the plant sings to you, energy of the old programs is being released as you raise in vibration.  Some find the need for movement out in nature, so take this on a walk with you. Others find it the perfect Sound Spa for a private at-home relaxation session, or simply a high vibrational musical journey that plays in the background during the day.

Still, others get lost in time and space in the elevated frequencies while doing what they love.

As you listen to the Plant Music, no matter how you enjoy the session, your frequency will shift and that’s why this is perfect for releasing belief systems that no longer serve you.  The Plant Music speaks to the Whole You… so notice what comes up for you during various “phases” of the music. The varying rhythms, pauses and instrument selections have their own information and frequency for you.  If there are long pauses, where the note or silence lingers for a moment, this is a for a purpose. As I’ve learned from hundreds of hours recording plant music and using it in my life.

Notice what comes up for you….if you have negative thoughts or feelings arise, then notice how it feels as the plant music helps yo release this energy.


This Plant Music has a special way of making magic in our lives because it has access to a part of our brain that isn’t touched by the written word.  This music takes you into your creative space of the Right Brain, while opening your Heart Chakra.

Expressed as musical notes, the plant’s frequency offers a sonic immersion in plant healing alchemy in the form of beautiful and soothing sounds that uplift and nurture you. The rhythm changes, often times slowing us down, lowering our heart rate, and altering our brain waves into Alpha (great for creative expression and learning), and then into Theta if you are meditating and relaxing with this music.

This online silent meditation will be about 2 hours long, and it may extend if the plants are still offering beautiful music.  Often times, we let the plants conclude the show as they may naturally stop “singing.” However, we find that the plant music changes according to those present in the group, and thus, a longer session is available.  We may also continue recording after the event ends and make the mp3 audio available for you.

In this silent meditation, you will bring your intentions of what you wish to “work on”, release or activate.  As you hold your vibration to match your intention, you attune to the plant frequencies being expressed as music.  Enjoy this event while you create art or write, or while out in nature. Or join us in relaxation as we meditate and connect in consciousness and notice how the music changes as we shift into thru 3 Phases:   Grounding Clarity, Higher Self Connection,  Abundance Dance

Take a Musical, Healing, High Vibrational Journey with Plant Music


Tap into the Transformative Power of
Plant Music Remedy
Made with Love & Light from the Plant Kingdom.


Attune to the higher frequencies of the plants and release all the dense energy that no longer serves.

These musical recordings and meditations were created to assist in the many layers of density that need to be removed from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.   Use these recordings in your daily meditation, or as background music as you go about your day.  You can even use them on Cosmic Journeys in a private or group setting.

Notice how you attune to the music. You may wish to set your own intention for working with each musical piece. That intention will be carried on the frequencies which the plants emanate via the musical tones.

Use the energy of plant music to help you move through challenges in life and reconnect to the Divine Voice within you.

Sound healing is effective because the intention or the state of consciousness held during the creation of the music is carried on the sound waves and encoded in the recording. Intention is a major component of all Sound Healing. Set your own intention or allow yourself to drop into your heart when listening to each of these songs.  You will naturally attune to higher vibrations and multi-dimensional frequencies.   In our collection of plant music remedies, every song is created from a high vibrational states of consciousness for the highest good of all.

Here’s what’s included with your Plant Music Audio Bundle

You’ll get access to stream over 15 hours of Plant Music or download to your personal device.
This music creates a high frequency environment!