Mastery Empowerment Course

with Sheryl Noday

Open Forum with Siria Family

Next Session – Wed. April 22

10am Pt / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT




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NEXT FORUM DATE :  Wednesday April 22

10am Pt / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET / 5pm GMT

Live Trance Channeling with Beings of Light & Love “Siria Family”  through their sole, soul channel Sheryl

Please join us Zoom style

$33 per session


Live Trance Channeling with Beings of Light & Love

  “Siria Family”  through their sole, soul channel Sheryl Noday

The coronavirus has made its voice loud and clear.
We can make ours too.
We create our reality
Moment to moment, heart beat to heart beat, thought to thought, feeling to feeling.
Lets gather to change the course of our unconscious to become conscious.

Many will see this as a time of doom and exit.

As Light Workers we can change the course of such a virus, dismantle it just as quickly as it arrived.

Please join Siria Family and myself for a evening of channeling and healing.
Siria Family is going to talk about the energy of the virus.
We are going to learn how to dismantle it, change it.
Change ourselves.
Exercises shared on how to mitigate energies.

Lets mitigate and elevate!

Please note this is not a channeling class!
Our focus is Coronavirus
All are welcome

In a open forum channeling you are invited to ask questions about any topic you choose that has to do with growth, such as personal growth, or planetary ideas.  Siria Family’s work along with mine is assisting others in deep Soul Growth and Healing, rather than predictions, or naming illness why? Because we are powerful Beings that create our life moment to moment

In today’s world of mounting pressures and ever-accelerating change, access to the still, silent place within is critical for our well-being.    Siria Family enters our world with loud vibrational tones, which is profoundly healing. When they begin to speak, their message comes from reading the collective group energy, to be followed by questions from the audience. Siria Family’s purpose in communicating with us is about personal growth and discovering what may lay deep within the subconscious, thereby assisting in profound healing.

You are met with absolute love!

The Open Forums are not intended to be private sessions, but instead to inspire imagination and desire to take a deep look at how we create life. We do this by taking a deep look at the subconscious thereby addressing current belief systems.

Life is but a Dream and we Create it All~

The Open Forums are beautiful in that everyone gets a chance to see, feel and experience how Siria Family communicates with others. What one person may not ask, another will. During our time together, Siria Family weaves a unique, powerful meditation that is always original and found to be quite healing and shifting of energies.

These Channeling’s are always so much FUN, LIVELY and LOVING

“Come be with us as we explore, as we dance together in love” — Siria Family.