Mastery Empowerment Course

with Shirley Ponto

Dolphin Heart Reiki Attunement & Certification

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Audio Attunement & Certification with Manual in eBook

Dolphin Heart Reiki is a healing system that uses sight, sound, color, light, and the essence of water. To lull you back into your womb like state and become the dolphin essence that once was yours. In warm healing waters you will become your truths, your light, your way.

Healing on an incredibly deep, life changing soular healing.

This is the way to truly connect heart, mind and soul back to ancient rhymes, and times. Using sound, colour, sensation and delite!

This system activates your High Heart Chakra. Bringing toward you all the ancient truths for yourself, and humankind. The High Heart Chakra is what you truly feel, heal, think with, yet humankind has gotten away from this type of expression, therefore it is at times rarely used in our culture, this system activates the High Heart Chakra.

This is why the Celestial Dolphins have come down to gift us with this form of healing. At this time on Earth the Celestial Dolphins are here to usher into our consciousness and our dimension their wisdom, vibration and healing.

We are awakening again to the ancient truths we all have within, and the Celestial Dolphins are here to assist this transformation of humankind.

The Celestial Dolphins don’t represent what we see on earth’s plane, they are of a much higher 3 vibration, and come to us from other dimensions, much like the angelic realm.

At this time the Celestial Dolphins have come to us in the form of Golden Dolphin frequency and a Pink Heart Dolphin frequency, for the High Heart Chakra creating the Dolphin Heart Reiki frequency. They are not limited to these frequencies, and more are to be revealed over time when humankind is ready for the additional frequencies. We can no longer fight, resist or contain that which the dolphins show us.

The celestial dolphins are ushering in a new time, a deeper level of love, commitment and healing. Unlike known before (except when Jesus walked the earth). The Celestial Dolphins goal is to unite all humankind into one. We become an ever growing, healing, loving pod. Riding the wave of humanity together, laughing, loving and giggling with one another. No longer is the time to ride the waves alone, heal only thyself.

We are in the times of global healing, and a deeper more significant level of truths is being uncovered at this time! Enjoy riding this deeper and larger wave of healing, that the celestial dolphins have for you! Swim with them into the beautiful sea aqua waterways of the celestial dolphins.