Mastery Empowerment Course

with Gene Ang

The Arcturian Powers with Gene Ang

3 Sessions in Audio & Video download

Gene Ang

Mastery Empowerment Course:

3 Sessions in Audio & Video Download with Energy Sessions extracted into separate files.

Mastery Empowerment Course: the Arcturian Powers

In this next installment of the Mastery Empowerment series, we will be working with the Arcturian energies and consciousness to accelerate our understanding and development of our inner nature and natural powers of expression and manifestation through the Divine into the physical world.  We will be exposed to a new set of Arcturian Frequencies called the Arcturian Powers.  These frequencies are based on the four directional model and the four mystical tools framework.  The four directions; East, South, West, and North, are each associated with a mystical tool.  The East is associated with the Sword.  The South is associated with the Staff.  The West is associated with the Chalice,  And the North is associated with the Shield.

These directions and mystical tools are deep archetypal patterns working throughout humanity.  The Arcturian Energies and Consciousness will imbue these archetypal patterns with their insight and energy and help us advance in our esoteric understanding and use of these profound principles.  The Mastery Empowerment class is divided into three sessions.  In the first two sessions we will be working with two of the Arcturian Power Frequencies.  In the third session we will combine all four Arcturian Powers and see how they work holistically in our lives.

Session One:  Here we will work with the Arcturian Sword Frequency and the Arcturian Chalice Frequency.  These correspond to the East and West directions respectively.  Also, the East is associated with the element of Air and the West is associated with the element of Water.  In each session we will experience a one hour healing session where we will be exposed to the Arcturian Sword and Arcturian Chalice Frequencies.  These exposures will deepen the qualities and abilities that these mystical tools, fundamental directions, and core elements contain.  After the energy session, we will have a chance to debrief and integrate everyone’s experience and talk more about the use of these esoteric principles in our everyday life.

Session Two:  We continue our work with the Arcturian Staff Frequency which is associated with the South direction and the Arcturian Shield Frequency which is associated with the North direction.  The Arcturian Staff also aligns us to the Fire element and how the Fire Element and the spiritual contacts associated with this element can help shape our future.  The South direction is also how we put forth our desires, wants, and needs into the manifest world.  As a complement and in contrast, the Arcturian Shield Frequency and the North direction helps us to link to the past and the Ancestors.  The North direction brings things to an end and buries them in a proper way in the past.  By working with the Arcturian Shield Frequencies we can link properly to the past and also connect more deeply with our Ancestors.  The Shield also represents protection and a connection to all aspects of the Earth.  Again we will spend a thorough hour being exposed to these two frequencies followed by an insightful sharing of our experiences and how to manifest these Powers in our daily life.

Session Three:  Here we bring all the directions and Arcturian Powers all together as a whole.  The Arcturian Sword Frequency, the Arcturian Chalice Frequency, the Arcturian Staff Frequency, and the Arcturian Shield Frequency will be systematically run on all our subtle bodies followed by a blast of all four frequencies all together.  This hour session is a time for deepening the insights and information into our field and unpacking what we already know regarding these Powers.  We will also go over a visualization of how to connect to the directions and the mystical tools in meditation and manifestation work.

Please join us for this deep dive into the use of the Arcturian Powers.  The goal of this course is to deepen our understanding of the fundamental aspects of the universe and how we channel the Divine into manifestation.  It is also a chance to deepen our understanding of how Galactic Consciousness in the form of the Arcturians work with these human archetypal patterns.

Everyone who registers will be included in the energy of the session in case you cannot make the live times.  Also, all participants will receive the mp3 recordings of the sessions.