Mastery Empowerment Course

with Gene Ang

The Arcturian Transition Frequencies Healing Sessions

3 Sessions in Video & Audio Download

plus frequencies are extracted into individual audio files for future reference







Gene Ang

Mastery Empowerment Class: The Arcturian Transition Frequencies Healing Sessions

3 Sessions in Video & Audio Download

plus frequencies are extracted into individual audio files for future reference

In this next installment of the Arcturian Mastery Empowerment Class Series, we will be taking a deep dive into the process of dying and the afterlife. This is beneficial not only for ourselves but also in service to our loved ones and others who might need this help. The frequencies we will be using are a brand new set of Arcturian Healing Method Frequencies meant to be channeled on others who are preparing, going through, and have gone through physical death. By working with these frequencies now, we will be better acquainted with these processes for ourselves and prepared for these events. Also, we can utilize the recordings to help others during these various stages. We will go over how to utilize the recordings for others going through these stages to help them in their transition process.

In each day of the Mastery Empowerment Class, we will be exposed to the frequencies for that day in a 50 minute healing session. We will also discuss each stage in the transition process, its importance, and how to work with this stage for ourselves and others. We will also have ample time to discuss our experience of the frequencies and ask any questions.

Day 1: Pre-Death Arcturian Transition Frequencies

Below is a description of the Pre-death Arcturian Transition Frequencies.

Arcturian Pre-Astral Unraveling Frequency-This frequency helps those approaching the death process to already start the process of release from their astral body scars and crystalizations. This process is usually reserved for an important post-death period called the astral unraveling phase or also known as purgatory in traditional Christian terminology. This frequency can save a person time in the post-death period and make the transition into the higher worlds easier and faster.

Arcturian Lazarus Frequency-This frequency will help people who have the ability to return from the brink of passing if this is allowed by their Higher Self and karma. Utilization of this frequency can help people continue on in the earthly life to fulfill obligations and learning before they leave.

Arcturian Smooth Transition Frequency-This frequency will clear the subtle bodies of any blockages that are prolonging the death period unnecessarily and causing unneeded pain and suffering for the person.

Day 2: Dying Period Arcturian Transition Frequencies

Here we begin to work with the process of dying and how to ease this process using these frequencies. Below is a description of the Arcturian Transition Frequencies used on this day.

Arcturian Conscious Dissolution Frequency-This frequency and consciousness from the Arcturians will help people start the process of dying while maintaining their awareness. This is typically described in spiritual traditions as the dissolution of the elements (earth, water, fire, air, space, and further subtle states of consciousness).

Arcturian Clear Light Frequency-This frequency will help the dying person stabilize their consciousness in the Clear Light Void state before leaving their body. This is an opportune time to recognize the deepest most subtle aspects of consciousness available at the time of death and allows for a rapid evolution of consciousness if recognized consciously and mindfully.

Arcturian Proper Ejection Frequency-This frequency and consciousness will guide a person’s awareness out of their physical body through the crown center. This is the most ideal trajectory to enter the inner world after death from the body. This frequency can also be used in case a person has already left their body and did not leave their body in this most ideal manner.

Day 3: The Post-Death Arcturian Transition Frequencies

In this final day, we work with the healing frequencies after we have left the body. Below is a description of the energies we will be working with on this day.

Arcturian Revitilizing Frequencies-This host of frequencies repairs the subtle bodies and consciousness of the newly passed who are now in the inner world. Reports from people who remember their in-between lifetimes accounts for angelic beings doing this job immediately after the soul leaves its physical body. This repair process is particularly helpful for people who suffered difficult or hard lives and did not have a chance to mend their subtle bodies before passing.

Arcturian Astral Unraveling Frequency-This frequency aids souls in releasing mental and emotional scars or crystalizations that were acquired in the last life. This frequency is also very helpful in preventing the formation of astral fragments from the newly deceased’s astral body not fully disintegrating at the time of the second death (the consciousness leaving the astral body).

Arcturian Soul Conduction Frequency-This frequency with the aid of the Arcturians helps guide souls who are lost in the inner world and takes them to the proper place in the inner world to continue their soul journey.

Please join us for this deep and wonderful journey into the mysteries of life and beyond. Everyone who registers for the class will be included in the energy of the group field.