Mastery Empowerment Course

with Judy Cali

The White Onyx Unicorn

Audio download – 2 hours
Judy Cali

Judy Cali’s Mastery Empowerment Course: The White Onyx Unicorn Living Prayer

Audio Download – 2 Hours


A Note from Judy Cali

I am in my Bedroom & I am feeling several Unicorns around me.
There is one standing on a Mountain Top & it is all White Sparkles with a Golden Sparkling Horn that looks so Majestic.
It is running towards me & stops at my Bedroom Door & approaches me to touch my Heart with its Golden Horn.
Now it is looking directly into my eyes & I realize this is my Unicorn Mate & I am His.
His name is Silvion & mine is Yalil.

I see us dancing in a Meadow full of Flowers in Circles of Joy 🌸
Silvion is telling me, ever so gently, that it is the time of the Gathering of the Pure Ones to be Ambassadors of Purity & Magic.
I nod as I am Remembering the Agreement we made with Peter Pan, The King of The Elementals. Also we were asked to make known The Unicorns Gifts a Unicorn Heart Has.

They have Special Magical Powers to Grant the Wishes of those who are Pure of Heart.
Hiding in The Woodlands all around the World, Unicorns can only be seen by those pure of Heart & Soul, those who would never reveal the Unicorns Location to the Outside World.

The Unicorn summons qualities like Innocence, Divine Feminine Energy, Magic & also captivates
the Imagination.
Unicorns are strongly associated with the Feminine & appear as The Divine Power that Nurtures All Living Things.
They have also been connected to the Moon, another sign of the Divine Feminine Energy.
Many have long considered the Unicorn to be a Symbol for Christ Consciousness.

The Unicorn has been thought of as a Kind & Loving Creature that Fed on Magical Grasses, Walked on Water & Grass without crushing it & Flew.
People have carved Unicorns on Gravestones to assist those passing into Heaven.

The Unicorns Magical Healing Horn is called an Alicorn.
In Medival Times, it was believed the Unicorn Horn could protect against Illness & could dissolve Poison.
The Horn is like a Magic Wand, pouring out Divine Light Energy.
Wherever a Unicorn directs this Light, Healing takes place.
Pictures of Unicorns were first seen in The Lascaux Caves of France around 15,000 BCE.
Unicorns were revered by the Greeks, Genghis Khan had a Unicorn bow to him, Babylonians & Scots.

We are Gathering together to activate your Unicorn Power, Gifts & Magic so you can Choose to be an Ambassador of The Unicorns & share your Pure Hearted Love & Magical Gifts of Healing with the World.
The Time has come for The Unicorns to be more well known & for The Pure Hearts & Souls to answer their Clarion Call, that was Placed into your Sacred Heart before Birth by The Unicorns & Peter Pan.
Feel the Truth of what I am Presenting & Know it is a Truth for you.

You are living a Life as a Unicorn & you can Feel their Calling as it Touches your Sacred Heart with a Unicorn Kiss.
The Kiss is their Request to Feel your own Pure Heart & Soul & feel the need to now Share your Unicorn Treasures of the Sacred Heart with All.

You are being Invited to Avalon with King Arthur, Guinevere & Merlin to Awaken your Unicorn Memories & Skills on The next Full Moon Night on Nov 1, 2020 & the Next 6 Full Moons to do the Ambassador Healing Work Together.

Silvion & Peter Pan will come for you to Fly to Avalon & take your Place among the Pure Hearts & Souls who have agreed to now step forth into their Unicorn Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding & Gifts to Awaken & Remember another Part of Who You Are & share as a Unicorn Group.

Part 2…
Guinevere & I as Yalil will also assist each of you to Choose to Live your life as a Living Prayer.
I have been guided to work with 1 group who Kwan Yin assisted in the Summer Months & each Being who were on the Call & Replay graduated into Living their Life as a Living prayer.
This is Mastery.
I am now being guided to also share this with this Group. I am hearing Merlin say: This Group is Ready to Expand more Fully into their Mastery.
So Guinevere is now going to each of you & she will work with you & I as my Unicorn Self, Yalil will also assist each night for 20 nights to Clear all the old Energy from All your Bodies, Minds & Hearts, in all Aspects of your Soul & All Lives you are living into your Core in thru Infinity, of Infinity & in Infinity.
All Clearing is done thru Love, Ease, Grace & Joy in whatever way Honors you, is Aligned with your I AM Presence & Sacred Heart & this Allows your Awakening 🦋

Please join me, Judy Cali & Lauren Galey for a Sacred Gathering Class Event to Celebrate The Unicorns & Living your Life as a Living Prayer 🙏🏻

If Unicorns Light Up Your Heart & you feel Wonderful thinking about them down to your Toes, if you are very drawn to Horses, if Magic Thrills you, then this Calling is for you.

We will be taking as many phone calls as Time Permits.