Mastery Empowerment Course

with Tracey Ash

Avatar Training

2 Sessions in Audio and Video version

with Plant Music Meditation  



Tracey Ash

Mastery Empowerment Course for New Earth:

Avatar Training

 2 Sessions in Audio and Video Download

with Plant Music Meditation 

You will experience new frontier transmissions, teachings,  ancient intelligence gateways  and geographical activations wherever you are in the world. You will immerse in the process of quantum and initiating quantum transmissions.  We will explore the reality of consciousness, pineal, unconscious and sub-consciousness.

Avatar Training

In this AVATAR SERIES you train to upscale, upgrade and embody consciousness, life force and reality.One of the key errors in industry training is quality of meticulous awareness training provided with hi-quality, trainers. Today, heavy marketing and poor training is an expensive mistake.

You are trained by an industry expert and global speaker, PSI Science Institute Honorary Member, Emoto recognised talent. More than 30,000 destiny readings, Founder of Psychic School, Avatar Training, Life Vision, Celestial Healing, Ancient Intelligence Mystery School, Zero-Point Training, 5D, Star-Gate Training, Egypt Tours, Egypt Mystery Tours, Shasta Tours, Glastonbury Tours, Creator of Avatars of The Earth Gathering (since 1999). Her contact footage is regarded as some of the finest in the world.

Our awareness capabilities and abilities impact every detail of our reality. This is reflected in genuine quality of your inner knowledge over regurgitation of superficial knowledge, presence of essential life force and ability to evaluate reality.

It is in quality training we finally leave behind low impact, superficial, mainstream training  and non-extraordinary change in our lives. Avatar Training revolutionises your reality and potential. Here you transform and evolve to unlock quantum, intelligence, PSI abilities and life force. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE- YOUR PSI ABILITIES CAN NOT BE 3D TRAINED. You must be initiated in quantum and highest level meta-physics. It is here you must be educated  when selecting quality training. Tracey was trained at the SAGB & College of Psychic Studies (1885) , London in trance mediumship, psychic, healing and spiritual training. She was gifted her first contract of work by her mentor Suzanna McKinnety in 1999, who described her as a ‘unique talent, an octave higher in frequency.’ Tracey went onto establish a revolutionary foundation of work for a whole generation under 35 in 1999 before anyone else referenced indigos, rainbows and crystals. This generation is the first wave AVATAR and a global community has grown over the decades dedicated to world change trained by Tracey Ash.

Avatar Awareness Training recognises your value, you unlock illusion, unravel low frequency, unwind low density stereotypes. The unremarkable falls away vividly presented because your your choice in evolution and awareness. You enter THE QUANTUM MATRIX.