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Golden Star Christ Activation

This is a very powerful activation of 46 new chakras. This video course allows you to incorporate these chakras yourself, and also be an activator for others in your life.

Circle of Grace with Shirley Irene Ponto

This meditation is mixed with Music From The Universe “Morning
Music” and it brings in a Golden Ball of Energy that you can move up your dominant leg to the crown of your head and down the opposite side of your body. This meditation will help you clear any blocked meridians and is of most importance during this shift of the ages.

The Divine Fire Mist Shower with Shirley Irene Ponto

This meditation is mixed with Music From The Universe “Morining Music” and it brings in the Golden Ray to activate the physical body with the core of Mother Earth & the Higher Self. It includes a visit from Thoth, who will activate your feet and hands to radiate Divine Light. Watch for a message from Thoth within 24 hours of listening to this powerful meditation.

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Guided Meditations

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The Lemurian Heart Temple ~ Free Online Group Meditation

with Shirley Irene Ponto, Michelle Anderson and Lauren Galey

Twice Monthly
The 2nd and 4th Monday of each month
1pm Pacific/ 2pm Mtn /3pm Central / 4pm Eastern / 9pm GMT

Guided Meditation Bundle #1

with 9 Meditation Sessions in MP3 Download

View the Tracks

  1. Dolphin Heart Meditation
  2. Violet Flame Planetary Healing Meditation
  3. The Inner Smile
  4. Divine Temple: Realize Your Divine Plan
  5. Angelic Higher Self Activation
  6. Illumination Temple of Telos
  7. Gemini New Moon Meditation
  8. The Divine Emerald Ray
  9. Himalayan Cave Meditation/ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Guided Meditation Bundle #2

with 11 Meditation Sessions in MP3 Download

View the Tracks

  1. Golden Dolphin Temple of Empowerment
  2. Mary Magdalene & Kathumi
  3. Mary Magdalene & The Sacred Chakra
  4. Meditation for Self Love and Empowerment
  5. Merging with Christ Consciousness
  6. Shangrala and The Himalayan Crystal Cave of Healing
  7. Temple of ONEness in Telos
  8. The Golden Water Activation
  9. Divine Temple of Love
  10. Divine Temple of Wisdom
  11. Dolphin & Whale Meditation