Music from the Universe

The Sound of Mathematical Equations.

Music from the Universe is literally created by the Universe.

Computer Music Researcher Phil Winsor assigned musical notes to mathematical equations (algorithms), and the result is this beautiful music.

This is the Sound of Sacred Geometry and Numbers – and unlike anything you’ve heard before. Morning Music is perfect for deep Meditation. Allow yourself to feel the vibrations of number sequences as you listen to this unique expression of Music.

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The original theme song from the Music From the Universe CD series & Music Video set to beautiful tones that aide you on a journey into a comforting, loving space. This CD & MP3 will help you with creative & inspirational meditation, your yoga practace, or as background music as you go about your day. This cheerful music will uplift your heart, open your mind and send loving vibrations to your soul.

“Oh wow. Thank you so much. I love this piece I listened to it all day today. It is incredibly healing.”

WAYFARER 48 minutes

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Morning Music

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The ultimate in meditation music. Quiet, slow, peaceful, yet filled with spontaneous chimes to enhance your meditation experience. Let your mind focus on a mantra as you listen, or perform conscious breathing during meditation or yoga. The harmoic tones in this piece will allow you freedom to explore what comes up for you in meditation so you can clear out negativity and bring a sense of peace and happiness inward.

Morning Music 45 minutes

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MP3: $9.00 each for immediate download

Purchase All 4 MP3s: $33.00 (Save $19)

Music of the Orchid of Lemuria

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Experience a 2.5 hour high-frequency musical infusion of the Music of the Orchid of Lemuria. This music was created by the energy signature of a flowering orchid plant that was translated into MIDI Instruments and musical notes. This is the actual music of the orchid, which is a reminder of the Love, Beauty and Grace of Lemuria. Enjoy this musical frequency infusion of the orchids. Great for meditation, background music while working/playing and getting creative! The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Music of the Orchid of Lemuria by Lauren Galey 2.5 hours

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Experience the Joy of Dolphins in this Musical Expression

The music in this video is connected to the energy of this swim with the dolphins. An aromatherapy oil, by Kayse Williams (Sacred Alchemy), was created from a crystal charged with the energy of the dolphins and whales who joined us in this swim. The oil was connected to the plant machine and the music you hear is the oil’s energetic signature, connected to the dolphins and whales. This song is called Dolphin Joy Alchemy, and it’s available at

Aquatic Meditation with Dolphin & Whale Sounds

Enjoy this meditative music with dolphin and whale sounds and images to feel the healing frequencies of the aquatic world. Listening to high vibrational pitches of dolphins raises our vibration into joy, harmony and happiness, and whale song changes the chemistry in our blood.  This program comes in MP4 Video and MP3 audio downloads.
15 minutes (video & audio download)

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