Special Offer on a bundle of Online Healing Retreats

Enjoy our most popular bundle of Online Healing Retreats! This is a bundle of Digital Downloads in video and audio of courses to empower your journey. 

Digital Downloads in MP3 and/or video

Featuring 2 hours sessions (at least)….with:

Sandra Walter – Mastering Crystalline DNA

Lisa Transcendence Brown – Awakening the Key Codes within You

Anrita Melchizedek – 11-11 Gateways Codes of Divine Love

Meg Benedicte – Stargates, Ascension & Timelines

Julie Umpleby –  Aligning with the New Planetary Human

SanRa – Lemurian Harmony Waves

Dorian Light – Psychic Energetics Breaking Poverty Consciousness

Elizabeth Wood – The 12th Dimensional Body

Judy Cali – Living in Golden Grace

Alicia Power – Creator Being Light Intelligence Upgrade

Gene Ang – The Solar Logos Transmissions (3 Sessions)

 Judy  Cali & Lauren Galey – New Earth by Living your Purpose (2 Sessions)

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The following events are included this Special Offer bundle….

Online Healing Retreat with Alicia Power: Creating Being Light Intelligence Upgrade

Audio Download
Join us for this webinar with Alicia Power and experience Creator Being Light Intellegence Upgrade & Understand four ways to partner with Spirit Surgeons

Online Healing Retreat: The Winter Initiation 2018: the Solar Logos Transmissions with Gene Ang

3 Sessions of Energy Transmissions

In this three part series, we will be making a deeper connection with the being of the sun known as the Solar Logos. The Solar Logos is also known as the Christ Being and through the ages and different cultures has been referred to as Ahura Mazdao and acts as a fractal emanation pattern of the Godhead which humanity can relate to. We can go into deeper resonance with the information field of the Solar Logos in order to develop and bring through our own Higher Self.

Online Healing Retreat: 11•11 •11 Special Master Event: Awakening Your Own Light Codes From Within

Video and Audio Downloads – 4 hours
A Higher Consciousness Dimensional Version of Earth already exists.

You access it by elevating and expanding your own Multi-Dimensional Consciousness and Integrating your own SOUL Light fully from within. Activating your own H.D. Codes is a beyond important part of this process here. ♥

Multi-Dimensionality is our new existence here. Awakening the infinite Light Codes within us (and in our fields), means many things… most of all, that we “leave” the old unconscious” realities and open the door (portals) to all new amazing, brilliant and Light filled ones.

Online Healing Retreat: 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love

Audio Download – 2 hours
One of the most powerful gateway being experienced in this sacred year of 2018 is the 11-11-11 Gateway of Divine Love. Through this gateway we experience the next level of Light codes pouring forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, and in particular, the Light codes of the Divine Mother and Divine Father and the activation of the Diamond Heart of Purity and Innocence.

Living in Golden Grace with Judy Cali

2.5 Hour Audio Download
Judy Cali is an amazing channel who brings forth inspiriting messages for stepping fully into the Golden Age.

Sandra Walter – Mastering Crystalline DNA

Video & Audio Download – 2.5 hours

Join Ascension Guide Sandra Walter for a next-level Multidimensional experience. Learn how to engage with the three phases of Crystalline DNA activation

Stargates, Timelines & the Ascension Column with Meg Benedict

Video & Audio Download with PDF
In this Online Healing Retreat encore presentation, Meg Benedicte offers visual graphics to illustrate the following:

Stargates – how they work, how to access inner stargate of Merkaba
Shifting Timelines – assessing current linear sequence timeline activity and how to shift to ascension timeline
Laser Intentioned Focus – how to penetrate the quantum field with ‘superradiance’
Vertical flow of light in Ascension Column – develop self-sustaining continuum of life force

The Lemurian Harmony Wave Activations with SanRa

Audio Downloads
15 Chakra Tones of Lemuria, the Harmony Wave and A Transmission from the Lemurian Preistess Council of 13.
Life on the long lost continent of Lemuria was high vibrational, and those incarnating into physical form existed primarily in the 5th dimension, and slowing vibration down to the 4th and 3rd dimensional realms upon will.

The 12 Dimensional Body with Elizabeth Wood

Audio Download
Join Elizabeth Wood, Seer and Scientist, who see how people are wanting to use their bodies in new ways. One way to do this is to imagine the body as a technology. It’s our space suit for the 3D dimension. There are commonalities between space suits, and wonderful differences. The spiritual capabilities of this space suit are astounding just as the quantum physics surrounding it. This quantum anthropology is a bridge for scientific and spiritual laws to be perceivable to all of us.

Psychic Energetics and Light Language Breaking Poverty Consciousness with Dorian Light

Audio Download
Experience a session of Psychic Energetics with Energy Healer Dorian Light, who will use the Language of Light and Psychic Energetics to clear patterns of old programming from past lives so you can break poverty consciousness and step into your abundance with Infinite Possibilities.

Manifesting New Earth by Living Your Soul Purpose with Judy and Lauren

As we Activate our Diamond Golden Heart Light, we are now ready to Manifest New Earth by Living Our Soul Purpose. In this 2-session series, we will be surrounded by Golden Beings of Light, and our Golden Dolphin as we call for our Diamond Golden Christed Sacred Heart Elder Self to step forth.

Aligning with the New Planetary Human

Video Webcast Recording
“Aligning with the New Planetary Human” : a webcast and diamond alignment to begin the process of embodying the higher frequencies of your Future Diamond Self. Allow your future Self to light your path and support you each step of the way as you experience the liberation and heart-centred freedom of your own transcendent Self.

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Testimonials from Listeners Around the World

“I think you are truly amazing; who you are, what you do, how you interact with your/our guests, and on my gosh-how you can focus so well, absorb all this new and/or really high vibe integrations and information and get up and do it again. You are truly amazing! With so much gratitude and love I thank you for your divine service” ~ Karen 

I have been listening to your shows for a couple of years and they have helped me spiritually evolve, in fact I have changed so much over the last couple of years, people around me have noticed.  Thank you again and much love and light to you.”  ~ Velma  

I engage in your show or parts there of nearly every day. You are such a beautiful soul. For me, you are tailor made from source serving as you do with the Acoustic Health program. I do not lay claim to a lot of spiritual prowess or accomplishments (not yet anyway…LOL) but I do feel the love, devotion, and steadfastness from your heart. Thank you ever so much for your service. You are without a doubt touching and inspiring the hearts and souls of many. ” ~ Dale  

Thank you so much for creating your online show!! I love your speakers and learn so much from them. Their techniques have been so helpful to my own practice as a light activator. I am sixty-one years old and I have been doing this work for a very long time but I have felt so exhausted and burned out at times. Your show has helped me feel  reenergized and hopeful once again! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!!” ~ Rhea

“Thank you for the Online Healing Retreats! They are most interesting, very worthwhile and timely. Your continuing to provide us with these high-caliber presentations and Healing Conversations is always very much appreciated! With love, blessings and gratitude,” ~ Jenny

“Thank you Lauren, I find these Online Healing Retreats of incredible inspiration and True Power! I am so grateful to you for been the link for me to connect with this amazing Goddess Jasmuheen !!!! May the Grace of Source unfold you with all the blessings you desire to manifest in this Creation. I love you ” ~ Joli

“As much as I Luv the term en-joy, it doesn’t come close to describing how elated I was in this Online Healing Retreat! The ‘Kinship’ is beyond words and suffice it to say I cannot thank you enough. What you are doing, as I believe I implied when I first met you through Peter Sterling, is an extremely invaluable service to our little Universe here. BLESSINGS All-ways… ” -Maxine

“Your Living in the Quantum Zone Healing Conversations and list of speakers is remarkable. Thank you for the work you’re doing.” ~Steve

“I love the music in your Online Healing Retreats…Music From The Universe! Amazing! All the time I notice you offer great music! I am in Love with your Healing Retreats! Many Divine Blessings and Divine Love,” ~Nina

“Thank you very much for this gift of Online Healing Retreats. I really appreciate your service and caring heart, and have benefited from the many programs you’ve hosted since I discovered you last summer. This is a wonderful resource you provide for lighworkers. Love and blessings,” ~Karen