Online Healing Retreat

with Julie Umpleby

Aligning with the New Planetary Human

Video Webcast Recording
Julie Umpleby

Online Healing Retreat:

Aligning with the New Planetary human 

Video Webcast Recording

“Aligning with the New Planetary Human” : a webcast and diamond alignment to begin the process of embodying the higher frequencies of your Future Diamond Self. Allow your future Self to light your path and support you each step of the way as you experience the liberation and heart-centred freedom of your own transcendent Self.

The energetic codes worked with in this process are a very powerful opportunity to re-balance in the core of our authentic self, to listen, heal and bring forward more of our authentic power. Supported by the sacred white lion, providing access codes that enable us to bridge ancient star lineages from the past with the incoming codes of our future.


About Julie Umpleby

Julie is a futurist, scientist, mystic, spiritual guide, facilitator, upcoming author and alchemist who works multi-dimensionally to bring you into deeper alignment with your soul essence. The founder of Diamond Light World, she is also an international speaker & is regularly invited to speak alongside many leaders of the transformation age. Her work with the diamond consciousness was brought into being ‘ahead of its time’ 15 years ago and is now being recognised for the power and support it brings to your individual transformation and living evolutionary journey.

Julie has a Bsc degree in life sciences and a number of technical qualifications that facilitated her management career in the corporate world. She is also a practitioner and teacher of The Diamond Light Grid Alignment, Diamond Reiki, Colour Therapy, Timelock Bodywork, and Metaphysical healing. In all of her work, she shares her deep wisdom and a broad understanding of symbolism, spaceweather, ancient history, sacred geometry and biology, spiritual development and multi-layered energetic processes to support your healing and expansion.

“Your personal diamond light grid, along with the amazing diamond light codes provide a foundation and conduit for accessing the quantum fields of cosmic consciousness. This grid is restructuring your energy bodies to support your growth and evolution at all levels, and restores a natural harmony with cosmic information flows. Its time is now and its benefits are numerous. Working with and from within your Diamond field facilitates the awakening of the divine feminine consciousness and an alchemical transformation of the masculine consciousness. It brings balance, support, stability, joy and the ability to literally hold, process and transmit more light, immense depth of insight, and a greater connection with one’s Soul and life purpose”