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with Elizabeth Wood

Angelic Co-Creation and Illumination Workshop

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Elizabeth McCullough

Angelic Co-Creation and Illumination Workshop

This interactive workshop is a pure, potent and transformative time with angelic light.

Angelic light will be woven through your whole life, transforming your experience on this blessed Earth. Using her extensive knowledge about the angelic realms, Elizabeth will guide you with her wonderful seeing skills on a journey of 7th dimensional energy proportions.

Learn how angelic light can serve you in deftly bringing together your 3D, 4D and 5D experience.

  • Connect to your angels and allow them to show you what they can actually do!
  • Clear your concept of timelines and re-energize your consciousness with angelic light!
  • Plant angelic seeds of purpose and light throughout your life.
  • Access the gift of receiving angelic light and support – activate your surrender to real abundance!
  • Align your Brain, Heart and Gut to the 3 Grids of Creation and your angel’s support.
  • Receive the angelic grace which has always been waiting for you!

Using her extensive daily interaction with the angelic, Elizabeth will connect you to the power of the angels which will transform your life. Watch the wonders of angelic light weave their way through your daily experience. Miracles are on the way!

Life Changing!

“Working with Elisabeth has been a life changer for me. She has a rare gift, the ability to connect with source and help facilitate the embodiment of our true nature. She is kind, loving and refreshingly truthful. She has helped me to remember what is most important in life.” ~Leo McFee, Crystal Master and Founder of Crystal Sun Academy

Elizabeth is the real deal…

“As soon as she got on the call, I instantly knew something good was in store. Her voice was very warm and compassionate. She was very bubbly and kind, she was funny…she made me laugh and about 15 minutes in the call, I started feeling better from head to toe. She took me on a process and taught me a simple tool that I can use whenever. She even told me a story that connected with me at soul level. She told me things about my past that I already knew was true and I was amazed at how gifted and original she was. Ain’t nothing normal about Elizabeth or her gifts. She is a true Seer in every sense of the word. Her healing powers are authentic… I feel good! I was supposed to be on sick leave from work for 3 days but I am on my way to work. Elizabeth is the real deal and she gets the job done at a very fast pace. Thanks a lot for stepping into your power and doing the damn thing as awesome as you do.” ~ Donna