Online Healing Retreat

with Gene Ang

Arcturian Healing Method Master Class 1 with Gene Ang

3 Sessions in MP3 Audio downloadable recording

Experience 3 sessions with Gene Ang (2 hours each)

SESSION 1:The Arcturian Neuroendocrine Online Healing Retreat

In this on-line healing retreat you will be exposed to a full array of Arcturian Healing Method frequencies geared to balance your nervous and endocrine system. There will be 3 frequencies used during the retreat:

  1. Arcturian Neural Net (ANN)-a broad based spectrum of healing frequencies geared towards balancing the nervous system tissue. The application of this energy creates a gold vibration in the energy field of neural tissue.
  2. Arcturian Brain Balancing (ABB)- an advanced frequency meant to target specific brain areas for balancing. We will specifically balance the right and left hemisphere of the brains, the pineal, the thalamus, the limbic system (emotional brain), the hippocampus (short term memory), the cerebellum (balance), and the brainstem.
  3. Arcturian Endocrine Activation (AEA)- a specifically targeted frequency for the endocrine system. This part of the session will work with all the major endocrine organs-the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the thyroid, parathyroid, adrenals, pancreas, and gonads to name a few-in order to bring an optimization and balance to their functioning.

SESSION 2: The Arcturian Dragon and Earth Energy Frequencies Online Healing Retreat

In this on-line healing retreat we work with the power of Arcturian Dragons to bring rapid shifts in consciousness, balancing of physical symptoms, and healing on the mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels. Participants will experience 20 minutes of the Arcturian Dragon Power and Energy followed by two 20 minute sessions using Arcturian Earth Energies. The Arcturian Earth Energies are rejuvenating and nourishing energies drawn from deep within the Earth. These frequencies are best used for healing, recovery, and rejuvenation of the physical body. In addition, the Golden Naga energies help to increase prosperity. This is the retreat breakdown:

  1. Arcturian Dragon Healing Energies
  2. Cobalt Blue Earth Energies
  3. Golden Naga Energies

SESSION 3: The Arcturian Healer Enhancement Program Online Healing Retreat

In this special session, we will be connecting to the Arcturian consciousness and energies to enhance and build the structure in our energy field for the purpose of being better conduits of healing energies. Join this session to enhance whatever current healing energies you already use by working on your energy field with the Arcturians. The program consists of three 20 minute sessions aimed at enhancing the 3 major power centers in the body involved with conducting healing energies: 1) the head 2) the heart and 3) the hara (the belly). These 3 centers also correspond to the capacity to think, to feel, and to act.

  1. In the first session, the Arcturian energies and consciousness will build the chakras and energy points in the head. In particular, this enhances healers’ abilities to see clairvoyantly when they work with clients.
  2. In the second session, the Arcturians will build the heart center and enhances its capacity to feel and in particular to work from compassion.
  3. In the third session, we will work on the hara or belly center. This is the healer’s power center and the attunement will both strengthen the overall energy of the healer as well as make it active.

There will be a follow-up one hour session a week later which will include a 20 minute integration attunement to further deepen the first attunements and also an opportunity for questions and feedback from participants.

This program is included in Gene Ang’s Special Offer