Online Healing Retreat

with Gene Ang

Arcturian Healing Method Master Class Series 7: The Cloaks of Christ: Resonating with the Subtle Bodies of the Solar Logos

3 Two-hour Audo Downloads
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Online Healing Retreat: Arcturian Healing Modalities Master Class 7

The Cloaks of Christ: Resonating with the Subtle Bodies of the Solar Logos
There is a profound revelation stated by Rudolf Steiner, the Rosicrucian teacher and master, regarding the capacity to weave the subtle bodies of Christ into the subtle bodies of humanity. Below are a few insights and excerpts from his esoteric lessons to his private school (Esoteric Lesson, Dusseldorf, April 19, 1909):

We have seen that in the fourth and fifth centuries, until the fourteenth century, copies of the etheric and astral bodies of Christ were bestowed upon personalities who in this way kept the spirit of true Christianity alive. . .

All these people with the gift of an astral body or etheric body [from Christ] were notable for their deep humility, because they were conscious of the fact that the great truths that they proclaimed came to them as enlightenment, as grace, that they could not understand with their “I.”

Until approximately six hundred years after Christ the great teachers of the church, for example, Augustine, could regard the Christian truths only as a gift of grace. This is connected with the fact that they received copies of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth interwoven into their own etheric body. . . Later these teachers received copies of the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth interwoven into their astral body. Francis of Assisi had such an astral body.

In this on-line healing retreat called, the Cloaks of Christ: Resonating with the Subtle Bodies of the Solar Logos, we too will be humbly asking and downloading the etheric, astral, and I AM presence of the Solar Logos or Christ Being just like the early Christian teachers. Each session will focus on a different subtle body of Christ. The session will be supported in the beginning and ending with Arcturian Healing Method frequencies and consciousness to help prepare our subtle bodies for the resonance download and transfer and also for the complete and balanced integration of this interweaving of subtle bodies.

This is also an ideal time to hold such an event with the advent of the Winter Solstice and the coming of the I AM Presence of the Solar Logos or Christ Consciousness.

  • Session 1: Resonating and Downloading the Etheric Body of Christ
  • Session 2: Resonating and Downloading the Astral Body of Christ
  • Session 3: Resonating and Downloading the I AM Presence of Christ

The Solar Logos or Christ Being acts as a fractal emanation of the Godhead in which we, as humanity, can interact with easily. By resonating with the Christ Being, we resonate with the Godhead, and subsequently with our true identity as spiritual beings.

Each session will include 90 minutes of the energy and frequency transfer followed by a discussion with questions, answers, and insights from the group.

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